Air discharge fruits and vegetables fresh-keeping technology

Air-discharge fruits and vegetables fresh-keeping technology Air-discharged fruits and vegetables fresh-keeping technology is developed by the dozens of professors and doctors of Huazhong University of Science and Technology in the country's "Seventh Five-Year Plan" scientific and technological research projects. This is a kind of modern storage and preservation technology based on high-tech invention patents. It is different from the traditional methods of preservation. It does not use any chemical agents and radioactive radioactive radiation. It has the outstanding advantages of being non-toxic and harmless, and not contaminating food and the environment. It is a truly efficient, energy-saving and convenient environmental protection technology. First, the air discharge preservation of the technical principles and characteristics: Air discharge preservation is the use of mixed gases on fresh fruits and vegetables. When the air passes through the air-discharge preservative machine, a large amount of discharge gas is formed through high-frequency discharge. This discharge gas contains abundant ozone ions, and negative Guo, ozone, and ozone negative ions generated by high-voltage negative electrostatic sites are simultaneously used. Role to achieve the purpose of preservation. Studies at home and abroad show that ozone is a gas with very strong oxidizing power and activity. It is also a good disinfectant and bactericide. Instant killing of bacteria can reach 99%. The ability to sterilize in water is 3,000 times that of chlorine. It can be reconstituted and decomposed within a certain period of time without any residue. It is recognized as an environmentally friendly disinfection method and measure for the 21st century. Its fresh-keeping effect on fruits and vegetables mainly manifests as follows: 1. Suppresses the killing of germs and prevents rot and mildew. The decay of fruits and vegetables is fundamentally due to bacterial erosion. The use of air-discharge treatment can also kill bacteria in the warehouse and on the packaging, and prevent secondary pollution caused by fumigation of traditional medicines. Tests have shown that the eradication of green mold, penicillium, spores, and bacilli and the eradication of black pedicel and soft rot are all immediate results. 2. Inhibit respiratory intensity and reduce nutrient consumption. The air discharge fresh-keeping treatment uses the negative oxygen ions produced by the fresh-keeping machine to infiltrate into the fruit, so that the activity of the fruit metabolism is significantly reduced, water loss and nutrient consumption are reduced, and the original freshness and flavor of the fruits and vegetables are maintained. 3. Elimination of harmful gases such as ethylene alcohol, helping fruits and vegetables to heal wounds on their own. Air-discharge preservative treatment can achieve oxygen-reducing, moisturizing and heat-insulating effects through ozone oxidation reaction and activity, and reaction with harmful gases in the body and interior of the fruit, creating a favorable environment for storage. In addition, the use of ozone generated by air discharge can sterilize the wounds caused by the handling of fruits, suppress the production of harmful gases, control the expansion of wounds, and ensure that the wounds naturally dry and heal in a clean environment. Second, the air discharge preservation technology application features and advantages: 1. Treasury construction and equipment investment is very small. The air discharge preservation technology does not require high requirements for the warehouse environment. For the characteristics of the limited investment and construction conditions of common farm records, there is no need to increase a large number of expensive equipment. Only a variety of simple and effective improvements can be used to make up for the shortage of the warehouse. According to local conditions, flexible and flexible application of preservation machine discharge treatment, you can achieve a satisfactory effect of preservation. Taking the KFB-IIIA type fresh-keeping machine as an example: The investment in disposable equipment is only 3,200 yuan, which means that the investment is low compared to other preservation methods, and the benefits are significant. 2. The preservation machine has a wide range of applications. The air-discharge preservation technology can be applied to various types of fruit and vegetable storage warehouses, cellars, ground or semi-subterranean ventilation warehouses. Farmers only need to improve the house according to specific circumstances (for example, increase the thickness of the library, strengthen the overall honeypot conditions of the warehouse; change the original natural ventilation for controlled ventilation and ventilation facilities), or places where conditions permit The use of large internal library adjustment accounts, silicon window modified atmosphere bags for actual packaging. This will not only further strengthen the controllability of temperature and humidity, but also naturally adjust the gas composition and concentration. The existing ordinary constant-temperature refrigerators and defect-adjusting warehouses can also be combined with air-discharge treatment. They can perform sterilization and disinfection work at any time and place during the preservation period. The effect of fresh-keeping is even more prominent. 3. Equipment operation is energy efficient. In the process of air-discharge and fresh-keeping, the frequency of equipment startup is very low, the working efficiency is very high, the power consumption is small, and the service life is very high. The mobile maintenance is also very simple, and the features of high-efficiency and energy-saving are very prominent. Take 15,000 kilograms of fresh apples as an example: The pre-reservation period (10 days) after harvesting is switched on once a day, the medium-term (40 days) is switched on every 8 days, and the post-production period (190 days) is only once every 20 days. The boot time is two hours, and the power consumption is only ten plus degrees for eight months. During the shutdown period, the same equipment can be used for the preservation of other equipment. A fresh-keeping machine can keep fresh fruits and vegetables of 100,000 kilograms in the same period; Once temperature, humidity, and gas concentration have changed significantly during storage, they can be controlled by increasing the power-on frequency and time. Safety and effectiveness are easily guaranteed. The above two characteristics save a lot of liquidity, and farmers can use the situation of market supply and demand to expand the storage area or adjust the storage species and quantity at any time.

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