Thorn Bream Breeding Technique (II)

Third, the thorn fish into the fish to obtain natural waters, disease-free without injury, physical fitness, individual specifications of 1200 grams. The average size of the product is 0.67 kg. It is routinely disinfected with malachite green before entering the pool, and is reared by size. Fourth, the bait feed early pupa and self-provided powdered material, powdered material crude protein content was 41%, in the middle and late expansion materials and crushed snail and quail meat, expansive material crude protein content was 48%. According to field anatomy, most of the foods in the intestines are snails. Therefore, when formulating a feeding plan, they can be fed early to eat during the acclimation period, and after 2 weeks, they are fed with crushed snails and powdered feed. Accompanied by a certain amount of green material. Under normal conditions, the water temperature of 17°C to 20°C is 1.5% to 2.0% of the body weight of the fish. The water temperature of 21°C to 25°C is 2.5% of the body weight of the fish and the water temperature is 26%. The bait rate was between 3.0% and 3.2% of fish body weight at °C to 29°C. Scorpion and snails are placed in bait stations about 10 centimeters from the surface of the water, while powdered materials are sent to the water surface at fixed points. V. Daily management Every morning and evening, flush water once and keep the pool water fresh. The amount of water injection is determined according to the changes in water color, transparency and water level. The water quality is analyzed once a month, and the water quality is grasped in a timely manner. The amount of dissolved oxygen in the water is maintained above 5 mg/l. Adhere to many times a day to inspect the pond, observe the food and activities of the fish, every half a month to disinfect and disinfect the whole limestone pool, and regularly feed medicine baits to prevent disease.

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