How to choose a hatching machine

For a farm and breeding household, the choice of incubator is essential to improve production efficiency. The following suggestions are considered: (1) Hatching rate The high and low rate of hatching is the most important measure of equipment quality, and it is also the main reason for many hatcheries to spare no expense in replacing advanced hatchery equipment. The temperature field inside the machine should be uniform, there is no temperature dead angle, otherwise it will reduce the hatching rate; the accuracy of temperature control, Han Xian intelligence is better than fuzzy computers, blur computer is better than integrated circuits. (b) Machine use costs such as electricity charges and maintenance costs. (C) The reliability of circuit design should be reasonable, there are perfect aging testing equipment; In addition, the whole machine should be aging test after loading for a period of time, after testing can be used before delivery. (D) After-sales service includes two aspects, one is the speed of service; the second is the long-term service. As far as possible, large-scale manufacturers with good development momentum and long-term services should be selected. (5) Service life The service life mainly depends on the material of the material, the thickness of the material used, and the quality of the electrical components. In addition, the product category is also a particular area of ​​attention when choosing a hatchery.


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