Watermelon seed rapid germination

1. Soaking: Soak 1-2 hours more than conventional soaking, hot watering with hot water of about 90°C for 4-5 seconds, then adding cool water to cool down to about 55°C soak for 30 minutes, after natural cooling, switch to 50% more bacteria WP 600 times solution or 50% dexamethasone 600 times liquid soaking for 2-3 hours, then soak for 5-6 hours with fresh water, use yellow sand pod seeds every time you change water, try to remove Mucus on the shell surface. 2. Pregermination: The seeds with sufficient water and clean water should be placed under the sun and spread out to dry or evenly baked on the side of the fire. Then use the incubator germination method, light bulb germination method or human germination method and other conventional germination method, temperature control between 30-35 °C, 24 hours germination rate of up to 95%. 3. Principles: (1) The pods can be deprived of pectin and have a thin shell; (2) The dry shell reduces the mobility of the pectin, reduces the inhibitory effect of pectin on the embryo, and increases the oxygen, prompting its rapid germination. .

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