Laver harvesting and processing

Under normal harvesting conditions, 45-50 days after the net curtain, the algae body can grow to about 20 centimeters. It can be taken for the first time (ie, water dish), and can be taken once every other half of the year until 3-5. month. To adopt the method, the general floater adopts a picking machine to collect vegetables. The picking machine is to be placed on a square picking boat, and then the net curtain is manually crossed from above to reach the purpose of use. The laver scattered on the square boat is loaded into the basket. Transportation to the processing plant; most of Fengfu picking vegetables are only picked by hand, and now they are also transforming the farming trusses and promoting mechanical picking. Processing technology Porphyra purpurea processing is currently processed into vegetable cakes using seaweed processing machine, and it can also be processed into sundry cakes. The processing machinery basically adopts the automatic laver processing machinery imported from Japan, and the quality of the processed seaweed is high. The process of adding laver is: washing - chopping - making cake - dehydration - drying - cooking - counting bundle - secondary drying - packaging

Gansu province and Shanxi province are main production area of Red Star Apple. Red star apple with shapely and smooth and shinning skin. Red Color 80% & up, could be packed in blush color and stripe color  with yellow and white color flesh, sweet and crisp. And it is rich in vitamins and trace elements are good for health. The harvest season of Fresh Red Star Apple in August,but it`s have very short supplying time are August to October.The package of expoted apple consists of two kind of packing. inner packing:each individual apple with net sock ( pink or white  each carton with an inner fresh bag or sleeve and well separated by the paper tray. outer packing:strong export standard carton box and the carton design or packing weight can share your idea.

Type: Red star apple

Style: Fresh  sweet 


Grade:   A 

Package: inner packing+ outer carton 

Storage valid: six month

Place of origin: Shaanxi province/Gansu province 

Color: full blush 

Harvest time:October

Supplying time:October to May next year

Taste: sweet and juicy,crisp

Crop: 2017 year

red star apple

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Red Star Apple

Red Star Apple,Fresh Star Apple,Green Fresh Apple,Fresh Red Star Apple

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