Hight Quality Best Price Portable X Ray Unit with CE

Model NO.: YK-03
HS Code: 90184990
1, Three kinds of kv adjustments, Satisfy different of the req uirm ents, easy operation
2, With micro-processer reasemable setting can be set according to the situations
3, long distance no line and direction remote, convenience to use
4, intedligency controle makes the detail of mage for the micro -foces X-RAY tube
5, Lower radiation leakage, safe to use

Technical dates
Power: 220V/50HZ, 110V/60HZ
X-Ray tube voltage and current:
Setting time range: 0.01-2.00s
X Ray spor: 0.3x0.3mm2
Radition leakage: >0.002mgy/h(standar stipulated is 0.25mgy/h)
Total fitration value: 1.5mmAL
The focal distance: 200m

Packing information:
Portable x-ray machine arm, Packing size149X38X27CM, 40KG
Portable x-ray machine head, Packing size: 69X67X18CM, 20KG


1.Seeds  type              F1 hybrid  chilli  seeds 

2.Fruit   skin               red.yellow.green

3.maturity days            90 days after sowing
4.Resistance                Virus disease, blight 

5.Indoor  or  outdoor         Both 

6.Yield                        2000 to  2500kgs/667㎡

7.Germination  rate         More than 85%

8.Tags                         Hybrid   chilli  seeds 

Green Pepper And Hot Pepper Seed

Green Pepper Seed,Hot Pepper Seed,Horn Pepper Seed, Capsicum Seed, Bell Pepper Seed

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