Several food processing methods for crab

1, drunk crab will be washed and drained fresh crabs, uncover the umbilicus with a bamboo stick to insert a small hole, navel plug salt and pepper covered. Preparation of pickled liquid: 100 kg of fresh crabs, 10 kg of sugar, 10 kg of salt, 6 kg of ginger, 40 kg of soy sauce, 0.6 kg of pepper, 20 kg of rice wine. The above raw materials are mixed and stirred, then poured into a preserved pottery jar to submerge the body of the crab. The bamboo slats and crushed stones are added to make the body of the crabs not exposed to the liquid preparation. Finally, the altar mouth is sealed and passes through 3-4. The day is a tasty and delicious product that can be listed at any time.

2, sauce crab will be cleaned in the tank or crab, the amount of 50-75 kg per piece. Use a wooden stick to chop the crab body, the more broken the better, then add salt 35% -40%, Futian then add 45%, mix evenly, stir 1 time a day, so that the minced crab meat sink in the bottom of the cylinder, salt Mix it up and down to make it evenly salted. After more than 10 days marinated mature. Summer temperatures are high and there is no need to continue to stir until the weather cools. Jars should not be covered or exposed to keep the products green and yellow.

3, crab yellow will be fresh crabs washed drain, with a bamboo stick to open the back of a back, dig both ends of the shell tip and shell waist in the yellow high fat, concentrated in the basin. Then the entire block is formed, and the moisture is slightly pressed. The plastic bag is packaged according to the specifications and sent to the freezer for quick freezing and serving as crab yellow.

4, crab meat will be cut into two sections of crab body, dig net body meat, concentrate basin. In the same way, it is packaged in whole-press water and frozen as crab meat. The remaining feet can chop crab sauce.