Microcystis Counting Solution

Abstract: Microcystis count is a difficult task in algae monitoring experiments. In this paper, the microalgae cell count is performed using the fast Algacount algae counter, which greatly shortens the time and labor required for counting and improves the counting efficiency.

Key words: Cystic algae Algal cell Microcystis count Algae counter

Algae monitoring is a long-term and important job. The experimenter needs to make judgments and warnings on whether the water system or the red tide occurs in various water systems such as rivers, lakes and seas, identify the algae species in the water, and count the number of algal cells to determine the dominant species in different seasons and times. When algae cell counting is performed, algae such as Microcystis having an outer sheath structure and a plurality of dense cells arranged inside are often encountered. By directly observing the naked eye count under the microscope, most people can't help but sigh. Although the algae cells can be counted after being broken up by an ultrasonic cell disrupter, after the cells are broken up, most of the cells are clustered together, and direct counting is still difficult.

This article describes a new method of cell counting for microcystis cell counting using the Rapid Algacount algae counter.

1          Materials and Methods

1.1   Sample Preparation

The water sample of Microcystis was concentrated before being counted.

1.2   Main instruments and reagents

Fast Algacount Algae Counter

American Misonix S-4000 Ultrasonic Cell Breaker

1.3   experimental method

Take 30ml of Microcystis in water samples was placed in a 50ml glass beaker, the samples were sonicated 10 min, do five replicates. Samples were continuously photographed with 100 fields using an Algacount algae counter, and the number of microcystis cells in each field of view was counted by Algacount algae assisted identification analysis software.

2          result

After counting the samples, the results are as follows:

Table 1 Microcystis cell count results

Parallel sample






Number of microcystis cells (10 8 /L)






Average number of cells (10 8 /L)


Standard error


Relative standard error


Figure 1   Algacount algae assisted identification analysis software before and after treatment of Microcystis (the red filling part on the right is the counting area )

3          in conclusion

Microcystis cells were counted using an Algacount algae counter, and the relative error counted was small, at around 10% . Compared with the naked eye direct counting method under the microscope, it is more convenient and quicker, and improves the counting efficiency of capsular algae such as Microcystis.

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