What soup to drink in autumn is the most nutritious

In autumn, people are prone to colds and upper respiratory tract inflammation. The nose, throat, bronchus, etc. are all easy to be affected. At this time, it is not only necessary to burn the hot and cold, but also to prevent the evil from hurting the lungs. Here are some soups for reference:

1. Xingjian Pig Lung Soup & Ingredients: This soup takes 12g of almonds, 30g of sword dried flowers (250g of fresh sword flowers), 2 candied dates, and 500g of fresh lungs. Production: Fresh pig lungs are first rinsed with clean water and cut into thick pieces; the southern almonds are soaked in warm water, washed and washed; the swordfish is soaked with clean water and washed; the above ingredients are ready and the southern apricot, Sword flowers, candied dates, pig lungs, together with the corrugated vines, add appropriate amount of water, first use the fire, and then cook for 1 hour with slow fire, seasoning can be. Efficacy: The soup can not only relieve heat and heat, but also treat lungs and cough. Clearance and double preparation.

2. Adenophora odoratum bamboo duck soup ingredients: This soup to take the North Adenophora 30 grams, 30 grams of Polygonatum, a duck, taste appropriate. Production: First kill the ducks, remove the hair and internal organs, wash the blood, and chop them into spare parts. Beisha participates in the purification of Yuzhu, and then put the above soup into the soup, using the medium heat first, and then cook for a half hour with slow fire.

Efficacy: This soup has both nourishing yin and clearing lungs of Radix ginseng and Polygonatum odoratum, raising stomach and producing fluid, supplementing qi and replenishing qi in quail-fat ducks, and digesting the stomach. The three are used together, both for clearing, supplementing and nourishing. Doing, Yin-Jin Wei injury, the body of virtual fire rise, it is really good soup. 3. papaya peanut ribs soup ingredients: the soup to take a ripe papaya (about 500 grams), dry flowers, 100 grams of kernels, 250 grams of fresh pork ribs, flavoring amount.

Production: Wash and peel the fresh papaya, remove the core, and cut into coarse pieces for use. Dried flowers, fresh kernels, clean impurities with clean water, fresh pork ribs washed with clean water blood, chopped into coarse pieces, and add a little bit of fine salt mix. Then put the above soup into the soup pot, add appropriate amount of water, first use the fire, and then cook with slow fire. Cook until the peanuts are ripe and soft.

Efficacy: This soup can clear heat, nourish the skin, laxative. 4. Silver white fungus Tangerine soup ingredients: This soup takes silver fungus 20 grams, fresh mandarin 200 grams, 100 grams of rock sugar, water, starch amount.

Production: Silver Tremella first clear water dip, then steamed for one hour, remove and use. The fresh mandarin peels the skin, removes the orange, and removes the citrus. The soup pot placed on the fire, add the appropriate amount of water, then placed in the water-cooled silver fungus and fresh orange, rock sugar, to be boiled, with the right amount of water starch can be thicken. Efficacy: The soup can nourish the lungs and moisturize the skin.

5. Fig Cabbage Dried Pig (Month + Exhibition) Soup Ingredients: This soup takes 4 dried figs, dried 100 grams of dried cabbage, fresh pork (month + exhibition) 200 grams of meat. Production: Soak cabbage with water and wash the sand. Fresh pork show meat washed with water and cut into thick pieces. The figs are washed with water. Then put the above three kinds of soup into the soup, use Wuhuo first, then use Wenhuo soup, until the Chinese cabbage can become soft and rotten.

Efficacy: The soup can nourish yin and clear the lungs, moisten dryness and phlegm.

6. White Lotus Lily Water Ingredients: 60g of fresh Lily (30g dry product), 30g of dried Hunan white lotus meat and 30g of white granulated sugar. Production: Wash the fresh lily with clean water and peel the leaf flap. Xiang Bailian soaked with water and remove the skin and lotus, washed. Then prepare the fresh lily and Xiangbailian meat into the corrugated medium, add appropriate amount of fresh water, and simmer for about half an hour with the medium heat. Add the white granulated sugar in the first 5 minutes. Efficacy: It can clean the lungs and nourish the skin.

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