Drying box common troubleshooting and routine maintenance methods

Common troubleshooting and daily maintenance methods for drying ovens The drying boxes of Shanghai Kailang Instrument Equipment Factory are manufactured in strict accordance with relevant national technical regulations, and have passed strict internal quality standard inspection. Please read the product description carefully before use to avoid operation. Improper equipment damage, several common simple routine maintenance and troubleshooting methods are provided below.
First, note:
1. The oven enclosure must be effectively grounded to ensure safe use.
2. The drying oven should be placed in a well-ventilated room with no flammable or explosive materials placed around it.
3. The drying oven has no explosion-proof device and should not be placed in a flammable or explosive material to be dry.
4. Do not over-extrude the contents of the box, and make room for hot air circulation.
5. Always keep the inside and outside of the box clean. Do not cover the plastic dust cover for a long time and put it in a dry room.
6. If an abnormality occurs during use, please turn off the power and get it with our company in time!
Second, the fault handling:

Present image


deal with

Power on without power

Socket without power

Replace the socket

The plug is not plugged in or disconnected

Plug in or connect the cable

Fuse open circuit

Replace the fuse

Present image


deal with

Boot no display

Wiring off or temperature controller is broken

Rewire and replace the temperature controller

PV display shows ˉˉˉˉˉˉˉˉ

Overflow of measured value

Adjust the temperature setting

PV display shows ____

Underflow of measured value

Adjust the temperature setting

PV display shows â–¡â–¡â–¡â–¡

Temperature sensor failure

Repair or replace

Not warming up

The device is at the end of the timer

Press the SET button

Low setting temperature

Adjust the temperature setting

Electric heater is bad

Replace electric heater

Temperature controller is bad

Replace the temperature controller

Set temperature and temperature inside the box

Large error

The circulating fan does not work

Repair or replace

Control parameter deviation

Correct control parameters

Temperature sensor failure

Repair or replace

The circulating fan sounds abnormal

Circulating fan blade rubbing the air duct plate


Circulating fan bearing lack of oil

Replace the circulating fan

Temperature out of control

SCR bad

Replace the thyristor

Temperature sensor fixed off

Fixed temperature sensor

Temperature controller is bad

Replace the temperature controller

Network Camera

The Network Camera/ Network IR Camera/ Network Cameras/ Network Camera HD/ IP Camera Wifi/ IP Cameras/ Mini IP Cam, also called the IPC, WEBCAM, or WEB Camera, is a new-generation camera that combines the traditional camera and the network technology. And the user can monitor the Network Camera images just with a standard web browser (such as the "Microsoft IE or Netscape).

As a new generation product that combines the traditional camera and the network video technology, in addition to the image capturing function of the traditional cameras, the Network Camera also has a built-in digital compression controller and a WEB-based operating system; which makes the video data compressed and encrypted, and then delivered to the end users via the local area network, internet or wireless network. The remote user can use a standard web browser on the PC to access the network camera according to the IP address of the network camera, monitor the on-site situation of the target site, edit and store the image data, and can even control the camera PTZ and lens to achieve the monitor in all directions.

Nowadays, the Network Camera are being used more and more widely. So do you know how the Network Camera was invented? Well, here is a story.

The design of the world's first Network Camera is originated from two scientists who wanted to drink coffee.

In 1991, only the main computer room of the Cambridge University Computer Research Center had a coffee maker. From time to time, scientists from other rooms ran to the main computer room but found that the coffee was drank up. In order to solve the problem of a wasteful trip when pouring coffee, scientists Fraser and Paul thought of assembling a device that can monitor the coffee maker in the main room. They first pointed a camera at the coffee maker, set to take three photos per minute, and then wrote a program to send the camera pictures to the research department`s internal network. Then, the Cambridge University successfully installed the first Network Camera in the world.

On November 22nd, 1993, the real "Internet camera" was born and it was still in the computer research department of the Cambridge University. The laboratory which another scientist named Johnson was at could not be connected to the internal network. Johnson could not use the previous monitoring software to check the coffee, so he wrote a program to make his own computer can receive photos from the camera; which makes the breakthrough of the camera from the internal network to the World Wide Web, realized.

Since then, millions of people from all over the world have joined the "coffee pot watching activity" through the Internet. In 2011, due to the obsolete equipment and the inability to maintain it, Cambridge computer scientists finally shut down the Network Camera.
network camera
In conclusion, the Network Camera was invented because of the daily needs, and it brought great convenience to our daily life and is helping sloving more and more problems for people all over the world.

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