Pepper Bacterial Blight Control Six Methods

Pepper bacterial wilt is a typical bacterial soil-borne disease. Its pathogen is Pseudomonas palustris. Bacteria survive for a long time, mainly through the invasion of plant stems. Farming operations such as transplants and loose soils, as well as root wounds caused by insects and other injuries can all cause bacterial invasion in the soil and breed rapidly under conditions of high temperature and high humidity.

1. Early sowing: Bacterial wilt usually occurs in the middle and early June. To avoid the peak of the onset of the disease and the outcome of the fruition, early sowing can be done.

2. Choose a well-drained sandy loam soil cultivation: after the soil is deeply turned, spray 800 times the new high-fat membrane to disinfect the soil and keep it warm, which is conducive to seed germination and growth.

3, the implementation of more than three years of rotation: Bacterial wilt can damage a variety of Solanaceae crops, where the former is the tomato, eggplant, pepper, are not suitable for planting chili.

4. Pay attention to drainage: Ralstonia solanacearum can spread along with the water flow, apply high- ridging narrow-necked cultivation, pay attention to timely drainage, and can not accumulate water in the raft.

5, pruning, loose soil, top dressing: should be completed before the onset of the disease, after the onset of special attention can not loose soil weeds, if weeds, can only be removed by hand to avoid injury to the root.

6, found the diseased plants, promptly removed: the inside of the hole and the nearby soil spray tree maintenance general disinfection and prevent spread.

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