Orchard farming

Orchard raising chickens can reduce the cost of raising chickens, enhance the constitution of chickens, reduce the incidence of diseases, reduce the abuse of antibiotics and other drugs, and produce the “green meat food” that consumers like. It can also put quality chicken manure that has been cooked to the orchard. Promote the growth of fruit trees and produce "green fruit products"; thus achieving ecological virtuous circle of forest birds.

Excellent chicken breeder benefits

It has been proved that fast large chickens such as Hubbard broilers are not suitable for orchard farming, while slow-growing small and medium-sized chickens such as Sanhuang chicken and Gushi chicken have low environmental requirements, wide adaptability, large activity, and strong disease resistance. The survival rate is high and it is more suitable for keeping in orchards.

Orchard conservation

The requirements of the orchard chicken-growing model are not very strict, and pear orchards, orchards, elevated vineyards, “four-side” forests, timber forests, etc. can all be farmed. It must be noted that the chicken is lively and lively, and likes to leap over the branches of trees. In order not to affect the growth and development of the trees, it is not appropriate to choose a fruiting place in a young age. A dwarf orchard with short trees should not raise chickens.

Build a chicken house to set up fences

In an orchard (usually more than 1 hectare), it is best to take 2 simple chicken sheds, set up perches in the house, let the chickens rest on the place and carry out the rotation, this can make full use of resources and achieve better results . The sheds should not be overly shabby. They should block the small and large openings on the walls in time. The doors and windows of chicken coops can be blocked with barbed wire or nylon nets.

Appropriate scale of flood prevention

The stocking density of 1/15 hectares of orchards cannot easily exceed 300. If the density is too large, large amounts of supplemental concentrates are needed to increase the cost of raising chickens. At the same time, multi-point delivery and decentralized aquaculture will help manage and reduce the risk of disease. Pheasants and anal fistulas are frequently occurring in chickens. The most effective method of prevention is to cut off at 6 to 7 days of age. Cut off on 1/2 and cut off 1/3 of the lower jaw. Add 3 days before the break in drinking water. Vitamins to prevent bleeding and stress reactions.

Orchard rearing

Orchard raising chickens is to make full use of the resources of grass, insects, and leaves in orchards to feed chickens and save some feed. Chicken manure adds fertilizer to orchards. Reasonable rotation, the two complement each other, but the maximum number of chickens in a site is no more than 2 years. After the chicks are purchased, they are bred in the house in the usual way. After one month of brooding, when the average daily temperature reaches 15°C, the chicks can be stocked, and it is difficult for young chickens to adapt to the changing environment. For stocking, it is best to choose sunny weather without wind, and do not grazing in squally wind, heavy rain, and severe cold weather.

Supplement feed for full water

Feed input accounts for about 70% of the total investment in orchard chickens. In the brooding stage, small granules of full-price compound feed should be selected, and the material should be sprinkled on the plastic film. Take less time to add Tim, began to feed 7 to 8 times a day, then gradually reduce the number of feeding. This can increase the appetite of chicks and reduce feed wastage. During the rearing period, the chicken material was gradually replaced with chicken material, allowing the chicken to adapt for 1 week. The number of feedings starts from 4 to 5 times a day, and gradually decreases to noon and 1 in the afternoon and is supplemented once in the evening. Usually do not feed in the morning, this can force the chicken to feed freely. Can also put the appropriate amount of melon, vines for the chicken to feed, save feed, and the meat is quite good.

Heavy disinfection anti-poisoning

Disinfection plays an important role in disease prevention and control of chickens. Disinfection is the only means to kill viruses and pathogens in vitro. Orchard chicken can not only pay attention to the clean-up and disinfection of the chicken house and disregard the disinfection of the orchard site. After raising a batch of chickens, the chicken manure on the orchard site was turned over 20 cm, and then quicklime or lime milk was sprinkled on the ground to prepare for the next batch. It is best to cover two sheds in the orchard and disinfect and slice them in turn. Three years after the orchard raises the chicken, it is necessary to change the venue to give the orchard site a natural cleansing time.

Epidemic prevention against stress

Orchard-raising chickens should also pay attention to epidemic prevention, formulate scientific immunization procedures, and do immunization procedures for the prevention of important infectious diseases such as chicken Marek's disease. At the same time, we must also pay attention to the deworming work, formulate a reasonable deworming program, and promptly drive the parasites inside and outside the body.

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