Focus on innovation and promote tea culture

"Reviving Chinese Tea Culture and Revitalizing China's Tea Industry" is the long-term goal of China International Tea Culture Research Association and various social groups and Chinese tea people. This is based on the history of China's tea and tea culture and its international status, focusing on how China's tea and tea culture can better serve the country's economic and social development. Chinese tea should have the right to speak in the international market and diversify the consumption of tea with the diversification of tea products. There are a lot of work to be done to achieve this goal, and there is a long way to go. We must not only wait for ourselves, but also strive for the future, shoulder to shoulder, the sense of urgency, responsibility, and mission from the beginning. We must also make painstaking efforts to closely combine the long-term goal with the goal at the present stage.

At present, the pursuit of goals mainly has the following four aspects.

(1) Focus on promoting "tea for national drinking and healthy consumption." This work has been carried out for many years and has done a lot of work and accumulated some experience. In the future, the first is to seriously summarize the experience we have been in promoting the work of “tea for national drinking and healthy consumption” in recent years, continuously improve and innovate ways and means of work, and enhance the effectiveness of work.

Second, we must continue to organize and participate in important tea events in and outside the province, vigorously advocate and promote the concept of tea as a national drink and healthy consumption, so that it can reach people and form a consensus. Third, we must rely on local tea culture organizations and unite party and government departments. And scientific research institutions, widely carry out "scientific tea drinking, healthy consumption", "drinking tea, drinking tea, meeting tea" publicity and training activities.

In 2012, we must focus on training at the provincial level, organize experts to go to institutions and hotels to popularize scientific tea drinking knowledge, and create a good atmosphere of “will understand tea, make tea, and taste tea”. It is necessary to carry out the "four-in" activities of tea culture into schools, into enterprises, into the community, and into institutions, and strive to achieve good results.

(2) Focus on promoting the construction of “innovative tea brand”. Innovative tea brand building is the key to strengthening the tea industry. In the market economy, the competition of products is, in the final analysis, the competition of brands. If there is not a batch of tea brands that can be beaten and screamed, it is impossible to build a strong tea industry.

At present, China's tea brands still have "low, small, scattered, weak" problems, that is, low in technology content and added value; small, that is, small scale of enterprises, small output of individual varieties: scattered, is the brand is scattered and concentrated The degree of intensification is not high; weak, that is, market competitiveness, especially in the international market, is weak. Innovative tea brands involve standards, technology, culture and many other factors, but their essence is to develop productivity and enhance competitiveness. It is necessary to further enhance the cultural soft power, promote the structural adjustment of the tea industry, accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading, expand scale operations, promote standardized production and management, introduce industrialization concepts and financial capital, and become a strong and strong tea enterprise. According to the characteristics and marketing characteristics of tea brands, we should innovate and start businesses, promote the integration and development of regional tea brands and cross-regional brands, and strive to create tea brands with Chinese national characteristics and based on domestic and foreign tea industry.

(3) Focus on promoting the research and development and comprehensive development of tea science and technology. Tea culture and tea technology are the two wings of the revitalization of the tea industry, both of which are indispensable. To revitalize the Chinese tea industry, we must vigorously enhance tea technology, deepen the comprehensive development of tea products, lengthen the industrial chain, and diversify the consumption of tea products to diversify the consumption of the masses and make the live tea industry stronger.

First, we must vigorously improve the level of tea technology development. We must pay more attention to the construction of tea science and technology talents, comprehensive scientific and technological strength, and raise the overall level of tea technology, and develop more and better tea technology products to provide scientific and technological support for deepening the comprehensive development of tea products.

The second is to strengthen the intensive processing of tea products, and vigorously develop tea beverages, tea foods, tea enamel cosmetics, tea health products, tea fiber, tea sets and so on.

The third is to do a good job in multi-type development, processing different types of tea products of different grades, so that people vary from person to person. Zhejiang tea is mainly composed of green tea and gift tea. It can properly develop other teas such as black tea, oolong tea, white tea and cheap and good quality public tea, so that people of different incomes can drink tea and drink tea.

Fourth, we must vigorously support a group of tea leading enterprises with development prospects, strengthen technological transformation, establish a standard system and quality traceability mechanism, introduce modern management systems, raise the level of comprehensive development, and strive to become stronger and bigger.

(4) Vigorously inherit and innovate tea culture work.

First, we must inherit and innovate tea culture as an important part of the prosperity and development of socialist culture. Chinese tea culture is rooted in Chinese traditional culture and embodies the spirit of the times of contemporary social development and progress. It also shares the rise and fall of the Chinese nation, common honour and disgrace, and closely combines the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation with the modern and advanced cultural connotation of innovation. .

Second, it is necessary to thoroughly study the harmonious development relationship between tea culture and cultural culture such as harmonious culture, political association culture, and clean government culture, give full play to the positive role of tea culture in building a harmonious socialist society, strengthen anti-corruption construction, and promote Chinese tea culture. Better serve the great practice of socialism with contemporary Chinese characteristics.

Third, on the basis of researching and inheriting the traditional Chinese tea culture, we should thoroughly study and learn from the experience and practices of foreign tea culture and tea industry development, and be inclusive and inclusive, continuously enhance the openness and inclusiveness of Chinese tea culture, and enrich the Chinese tea culture. Connotation, to enhance the appeal and influence of Chinese tea culture.

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