Three factors of egg production decline

1, feed factors

Significant changes in feed composition or quality problems in the diet can cause egg production changes. Such as sudden changes in the types of raw materials in the diet, uneven feed mixing, moldy feed, replacement of fish meal and yeast powder, high salt content, high stone meal intake, replacement of cooked bean cakes into raw soybean cakes, forgot to add salt in feed, etc. Reduces chicken feed intake and causes indigestion. The egg production rate was normal, and the weight of the chicken was not reduced, indicating that the feeding amount and the provided nutrition standards were in line with the physiological needs of the chicken. There was no need to change the feed formula.

2. Environmental factors

1 Long-term water cut-off: Water supply system is faulty or forget to open the switch, resulting in prolonged water shortage or water cut.

2 Natural and Severe Weather Attacks: Without being prepared or prevented in advance, they were suddenly hit by heat waves, typhoons, or cold spells.

3 Severe lack of ventilation, no ventilation for a long time.

4 Changes in lighting procedures or light intensity: If you change the color of the light at any time, suddenly stop the light, the light time is shortened, the light intensity is weakened, the light time is irregular, and the length of time is suddenly, suddenly, suddenly, suddenly, overnight, and forgetfully. Lights and so on.

3, chicken disease

Acute and chronic infectious diseases can cause a sudden drop in egg production in chickens. Such as chickens affected by virulent Newcastle disease, often reduce the egg production by more than 50%; infection by egg syndrome can make the egg production rate decreased by 20% to 40%, such as mixed infections other diseases, egg production rate decreased by 20% the above. In addition, the chicken population infected with infectious bronchitis, infectious laryngotracheitis, cholera, coccidiosis, E. coli disease, bird flu, etc., will make the egg production rate dropped significantly.

Casual Snacks

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