Low engine speed after engine start

When the phenomenon occurs that the speed of the agricultural vehicle engine is low or even extinguished after the engine starts, it indicates that the fuel supply system of the locomotive has a failure, and this failure is again reflected in the speed regulation mechanism.

S series of speed control device is composed of speed control gear, speed control sliding plate and 6 steel ball and pressure bearing, its role is to regulate the amount of oil and stable speed. After the engine catches fire, the thrust bearing is pushed out due to the centrifugal force of the steel ball on the speed-regulating pulley plate, and the speed-regulating lever is in the reaction force to control the oil pump to reduce the oil supply and stop the oil supply. Therefore, when the engine speed is low, the reaction of the speed governor lever causes the oil supply to be abnormal, and the thrust bearing is extrapolated to the normal state, so that the oil supply is reduced or not supplied.

The reason why the thrust bearing extrapolation is in the normal state is that the 3 screws of the fixed speed governor plate are loosened and detached, and the speed glide plate and the steel ball are adjusted to move out together, resulting in reduced oil supply or even no oil supply. After this fault occurs, remove the gear chamber cover and tighten the 3 screws on the speed control dial.

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