The Nursing Management Techniques of Young Camellia in Summer

From May to June, it is the season for raising Camellia oleifera Linn. It is one of the key measures for high-yield cultivation of Camellia oleifera, which can promote the growth of Camellia oleifera forest and improve drought resistance. In order to help forest farmers do a good job in summer care, the provincial Forestry Science and Technology Extension Station proposed the following technical points for the reference of forest farmers in the province.
1, tending time: 5-6 months.
2. Interplanting among forests: Interplanting interplanting of young Camellia oleifera with good soil conditions, interplanting leguminous crops or Chinese medicinal materials, but vine crops (such as watermelon), high stalk crops (such as corn and sorghum), and water absorption Strong crops (such as cotton, sesame, etc.) cannot be interplanted. Dodge the interplanting of species, at least more than 50cm away from the oil tea bowl.
3. Anti-drought and seedling protection: Put a straw or mowing grass around the sides of the newly-established oil tea seedlings to cover the seedlings, and cover them with soil. Where conditions permit, plants can be watered or irrigated.
4. Cultivated weeding and drought-fighting seedlings: The new oil-tea forest must be cultivated to avoid roots and stagnant water. The time for loose soil is better when the rain is sunny and the soil is dry. Do not hurt the roots, do not hurt the skin, do not hurt the branches, shallow side (with a depth of less than 6cm is appropriate), outside the crown depth (depth of 10 ~ 15cm is appropriate), the afforestation should be shallow in the year, then deepen year after year. In combination with seedling cultivation, the weeds to be removed are placed under the armpits and covered with soil, both as fertilizer and drought-resistant.
5, chemical weeding: excessive weeds in the forest, use glyphosate to control. (It is best not to use 10% glyphosate)
Note: First, the new oil tea forest resistance is low, to protect tea seedlings plus protective cover protection, spray as much as possible to reduce the nozzle; second is to spray more than 2 years when Camellia forest, the nozzle should be transferred to drop-like, and reduce the nozzle (Reducing the drift of the liquid to prevent it from being sprayed on the camellia). Wetting the weed shrubs to be controlled can be done so that the spray is not sprayed.

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