The soft-shelled turtle opens the "four levels" to adjust the temperature and regulate nutrition

During the spring, it is the top priority of the current work to do a good job in the “water quality, temperature difference, nutrition, and disease prevention” of turtle culture.

The water quality is related to "fishing first to raise water," and "broad water raising fish". The same applies to soft-shelled turtle culture. The soft-shelled turtle is naturally happy and afraid of dirt. A good water environment is one of the basic conditions for the stable growth of soft-shelled turtles.
1, changing the water to discharge sewage in the open

As winter and winter greenhouses are relatively stable after the beginning of spring, the appropriate exchange of part of the bottom water and the addition of some new water will have a certain effect on reducing the total amount of waste and harmful bacteria in the culture ponds.

2. During the spring of disinfection of the water body, the body of the turtle is relatively weak, and milder drugs such as iodine and bromine should be used.

3. Water quality regulation The pathogenic bacteria that cause soft-shelled turtle disease are mostly conditional pathogens. Generally, they are not easy to survive in partial alkaline conditions. Therefore, quicklime should be used to adjust the pH of the water body regularly to control the pH value between 7.5 and 8.0. During the spring, The use of quicklime should not be excessive.

Regular use of photosynthetic bacteria, EM bacteria and other microbial agents, on the one hand can inhibit the proliferation of harmful bacteria, on the other hand can break down the waste water, waste, etc. in the water, can effectively purify the water body; In addition, in the new pool ready to spill sprinkling microorganisms Formulations can lock well and stabilize water color.

The proper amount of stocking some water hyacinths and other aquatic plants can also effectively purify water bodies.

4. The water color of the controlled turtle pond should be kept in a green state. The algae balance and the water body will be stable.

In the new pond to be stocked, it is necessary to vigorously fertilize algae to create a suitable environment for the soft-shelled turtle pond and to adapt it quickly to the environment. "Fat Underwater Pond" is the reason.

The temperature difference is “No Spring on the third day”. During the spring season, it is a season in which the weather is changing. Whether it is the precipitation water temperature of the open air pool or the elevated water level of the Wenpen Pond, it can prevent high temperature and ventilation and change the water in these overwintering pools. , All should understand the weather changes, depending on the specific circumstances, should not be large irrigation.

During the grading period during the beginning of spring, it is necessary to grasp the changes of temperature and water temperature, especially the change of water temperature should not exceed 3°C.

If the temperature difference is too large, whether it is the original turtle pond, or the soft-shelled turtle, it is very likely to cause severe stress reactions, resulting in a large number of deaths.

Nutritional temperature rises, and the vigor of the soft-shelled turtle increases. It is advisable to feed in time and increase the amount of feeding appropriately. Add more energy-supplying substances and vitamins and some microbial preparations to the bait.

Turtles in open-air ponds should be fed with fish, snails, and animal livers in a timely manner to attract food. When the appetite is strong, the amount of compound feed should be increased, and multivitamins, microbial preparations, or antibiotics should be added.

In addition to the appropriate increase in feeding, the soft-shelled turtle should also be supplemented with some vitamins, antibiotics, immune agents, and liver and gall bladder herbs.

Disease prevention during the opening of the spring, is a period of frequent occurrence of turtle disease, mainly cold, skin perforation syndrome, fungal disease, hemorrhagic disease, etc., should take the same precautions and treatment, ecological prevention and drug prevention and treatment of the principle.

1. Disinfection of the environment inside and outside the culture ponds, water bodies, and the bottom of the pool should be regularly disinfected and changed at the end; disinfectants such as bleaching powder, quicklime, iodine preparations and bromine preparations should be used;

2, the fish body disinfection graded pond fish should be fully disinfected to prevent bacteria into the new pool, the use of drugs such as potassium permanganate, iodine preparations, salt and so on.

3. Reasonably stocking turtle ponds with reasonable stocking density. Do not blindly pursue high-density and high-yield production. Only reasonable density can provide benefits.

If the stocking density is too high, the phenomenon of mutual biting and fighting of the soft-shelled turtles will increase, and the chance of disease susceptibility will increase. Once the disease occurs, it will outweigh the benefits.

4, "Five set" feeding timing, positioning, set quality, quantitative, set people to vote on the turtle feed, feeding amount to 80% full, an hour or so is appropriate.

5. Regulate water quality The combination of water disinfection and water quality regulation makes the water color suitable, the algae balance, and the water stability.

6, drug prevention adhere to the "disease-free prevention, early treatment of disease," "a minor disease retreatment, serious illness and light governance," "outside of the combination of internal and external use" principle, to avoid "no disease regardless of illness and disorder rule" phenomenon.

7. Ecological prevention Vigorously promote the use of microbial preparations in water bodies and feedstuffs, and strive to grow a certain area of ​​aquatic plants in the water body and stock a certain number of carp species to purify the water body, and at the same time feed effective Chinese herbal medicines. Not only economic but also effective, but also in line with the trends and requirements of pollution-free farming.

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