Huang Hao: Miao prices rise, breeding in high temperature period to prevent

From Hubei, Hunan and other places, it was learned that after a heavy rain, the temperature in Hubei and Hunan in the recent period was relatively high.

Some time ago, affected by the heavy rain, the prices of yellow seedlings in Hubei and Hunan were only RMB 20/kg on average, but it was not appropriate to invest seedlings before and after the rainstorm. Therefore, such “low prices” did not make any sense to the farmers who had not yet invested seedlings. Huanghua wholesalers to seize the opportunity to purchase low prices only to fine high-priced shots. At present, Hubei, Hunan and other places, the price of Scutellariae seedlings basically maintained at 25-26 yuan / kg, compared with June dropped 4-5 yuan / kg. However, in some parts of Hunan and Hubei, the price of Astragalus seedlings is still relatively high. For example, in the Lijiang River in Hunan, the price of Astragalus membranaceus in recent days is also floating between 26-28 yuan/kg. When the investment seedlings were concentrated in June, the prices of yellow seedlings in Hubei and Hunan had approached RMB 30/kg. For the farmers who have not yet voted, they can take advantage of the timing of the last call. The price is higher than last year's average of RMB 17-18/kg, which is higher than the 6-7 yuan per kg, but if it is not timely , is likely to affect this year's breeding plan. In Minjiang, Hunan, some farmers are still waiting to see. For many farmers, the price is not only high this year, but it is not easy to buy good seedlings. It was not easy to vote for seedlings, and many farmers hit a series of heavy rains. Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi, Anhui and other places are particularly grave, and many cages of cultured yellow eel have been washed away.

In recent days, heavy rain has stopped, but it has also received a lot of heat. It has also had a great impact on Huang Wei’s eating. “The weather is too hot, and Huang Hao does not like to eat.” According to reports, in this case, aquaculture farmers can use the method of adding water to keep the water level at 1.5 meters or more, and then close the water cloth to reduce the water temperature as much as possible. Feeding time should also be postponed. It is best to feed after 6 pm and only once a day. The amount fed is also preferably controlled as appropriate. Once the one-time feeding is too large, the yellow eel has not had time to eat, resulting in food residue, the weather is hot, the remaining feed can easily lead to deterioration of water quality, causing illness. According to Ren Chao, head of the Sichuan Xinyi Yellow Clam Breeding Base, the most important aspect of the aphid culture in the high-temperature season is the prevention of water mildew, flu and anorexia.

In addition, astragalus farmers should also pay attention to timely disinfection and reduce the incidence of disease, the general use of chlorine dioxide disinfection.

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