Acupuncture, massage and other specialties have become national specialties

Business News Agency September 9th The Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance approved the construction of the sixth batch of colleges and universities with special characteristics. The examination and review work has recently come to an end. Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine “Acupuncture and Massage Theory” has become the country’s sixth batch of universities and colleges special professional construction sites.

The construction of characteristic specialties in colleges and universities is an important measure to optimize the structure of a professional, improve the quality of personnel training, and establish professional characteristics. Over the years, Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine has attached great importance to the construction of specialty specialties, vigorously strengthened the construction of curriculum systems and teaching materials, reformed the personnel training model, intensified practical teaching, continuously improved the level of teachers, and closely integrated national and regional economic and social development needs to promote the development of specialty specialties. .

At present, the school has four specialties of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine, nursing, and acupuncture and massage as the specialties for the construction of national institutions of higher learning.

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