Medication for lambs

In the process of mutton sheep breeding, it is often the case that the sheep is irrigated. Many farmers are putting liquid medicine into the bottle to feed the sheep. This method is OK for sheep, but it is not feasible for lambs. Because the lamb's mouth is small, taking medication is generally very little, using this method is very inconvenient to perform, often the loss of most drugs, it is easy to pour the drug into the sheep's trachea. Here's a good way to apply it easily: Get a disposable syringe, remove the needle, rinse the syringe with water, then pull out the plunger, grind the tablet to be powdered on paper, roll the paper Pour the medicine into a syringe and inject a proper amount of water. Put on the piston and point the syringe up. Push the piston to remove excess air, and then stir the syringe with a few syringes. Stir the front end of the syringe along the corner of the lamb slowly. Press the piston quickly toward the back of the mouth and the drug will be pushed in. Sheep's mouth. If the liquid is to be filled, simply inhale the liquid into the syringe and follow the above procedure. Eight, we must ensure the safety of transportation. The transportation of the hemp seeds needs to be packaged with heat-insulating and breathable materials. Each layer of hemp seed is separated by moss and other materials, and the humidity is maintained to prevent the water loss, frostbite, or mechanical damage of the hemp seed during transportation. Don't pack and transport the hemp seeds directly with airtight plastic bags to avoid loss.

A key doorknob lock. This is a simple doorknob that includes an internal lock that is operated by inserting a key into the lock component. Turning the key makes it possible to lock and unlock the door, effectively limited access to the building to those who have keys that fit the lock. Different surface treatments are acceptable.

Door Lock Set

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