Smokers eat more fish

A study at a hospital in Dublin, Ireland, showed that eating fish can reduce some of the damage caused by smoking.

The study found that the amino acids contained in fish can curb arteriosclerosis and reduce the chances of people who smoke to die from heart attacks and strokes. In general, the cause of heart disease and stroke is "atherosclerosis." One of its early symptoms is "endothelial dysfunction" (ie, the arteries cannot be expanded), and the main cause of endothelial dysfunction is smoking.

Professor Hays and colleagues at Beaumont Hospital examined the arteries of smokers and non-smokers by using a sphygmomanometer and an ultrasound scan. The results showed that the arteries of the former were unable to expand, while the latter was no problem. However, if the tester takes 5 grams of amino acids contained in a fish meal, his or her arterial expansion ability will be greatly improved.

The researchers said that this discovery proves that eating more fish can help treat endothelial dysfunction. However, Prof. Hayes emphasized that fish can't be used as an antidote to smokers. The best way to avoid the scourge of smoking is still to quit smoking.

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