Selection and layout of pig breeding sites

1 . Selection and layout of pig breeding sites

(1) Selection of pig breeding sites The selection of breeding sites is the beginning of the production of pigs, especially the farms with relatively large breeding scales. The choice of site is very important. An ideal pig breeding site should have the following basic conditions.

1 Site location selection. The location of the site should first be considered as close as possible to the feed production area, so that the price dynamics of the feed can be grasped at any time so as to minimize the feed cost of the breeding pig. The second is to consider the convenience of transportation, convenient transportation is not only conducive to the transport of feed, but also conducive to the sale of commercial pigs or species of pigs. The site should be as far away as possible from villages or residents. It is best to prevent pollution by taking advantage of the downwind of the residential area and the water source. Do not choose the site near the main road or near the livestock processing plant.

2 Site site selection. It is best to choose a site with a high topography, convenient drainage and a lee place. Low-lying terrain and a humid environment can easily encourage the survival of pathogenic microorganisms and parasites and should not be used. In the construction of a mountainous area, it is required that the site be dry, sunny, convenient for drainage, and avoid the infringement of cold wind in winter; the construction of a plain area requires a higher elevation and convenient drainage.

3 The choice of site soil. Different kinds of soils, including air content, water permeability and viscosity are often very different. Generally, it can be roughly defined as four types of gravel, sand, clay, and loam. Cobalt-rich soil is not easy to infiltrate, and the rainy season is often muddy, affecting the normal work of the farm. Therefore, the soil quality of the site is best to choose sandy loam with strong soil and strong permeability.

4 Site requirements for water and electricity. Pigs drinking water, washing appliances and breeding houses, and greening irrigation all require large amounts of water. Therefore, the quality of water is better. Prevention of sewage and the use of water containing more parasites and pathogenic microorganisms. Electricity is mainly used for lighting and processing of feed equipment and auxiliary equipment. Therefore, supply must also be guaranteed.

(2) Overall layout of the pig farm

1 District division. The site area is divided into several districts according to the different uses, properties and sanitation of the building.

Production area: It is the core area of ​​the farm. Mainly from the breeding pig breeding room, the mother pig feeding room, growing pig production room, fattening pig production room, commodity pigs for sale room and keepers locker room, bath room, ultraviolet disinfection channels, disinfection pool, veterinary health Room, Value Plaque, Excreta Treatment System, etc.

Feeding management area: mainly composed of feed processing workshops, feed warehouses, offices, repair workshops, substations, boiler rooms, pump rooms, etc.

Segregation area: The isolation area should be far away from the production area. It should be set in the downwind direction of the production area, preferably in a low-lying area. There are mainly veterinary laboratories, sick pig isolation rooms, and corpse processing rooms.

The construction of each premises in the farm must first consider the environmental protection of personnel working and living places, try to avoid contamination of feed dust, fecal odors and other wastes; secondly, pay attention to the sanitation and epidemic prevention of groups of pigs and try to stop the sources of pollution. Pollution of the production area. Therefore, in the zoning arrangements to consider which arrangements are in the upper hand, which arrangements are in the wind, so that people and logistics to prevent cross-contamination.

2 The overall layout of the farm. The overall layout of the farm should be centered on the production area. The production area is in fact a fragrant pig room (house), which is based on the physiological characteristics of the different growth stages of the fowl and its different requirements for the environment. Generally, it can be divided into five types: male hens and empty basal mother hens breeding houses, gestating mother scented pig houses, scented scented pig houses, nursery fragrant pig houses, and growing and fattening pig houses. Among them, public incense pig houses and empty-breeding fragrant pig houses are preferably open or semi-open in the form of playgrounds; pregnant mother-and-herd pig houses can be window-closed or front-open; The fragrant pig house is closed with windows and is equipped with summer heatstroke prevention and winter insulation equipment.

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