How to manage winter green manure

1. Doing a good job of ditching drainage is the first of all winter manure green manure management. Regardless of the special green manure or the green manure, all belong to dry farming, while the winter and spring seasons often have more rain; therefore, the green manure fields that are not well developed during planting are required to fill in the ring ditch, center ditch, and sub-division ditch in time so as to make the ditch The same, both prevent stains and drought; bad winter to help drain the field water. Drought winter should be conducive to irrigation "Happy Valley." 2. Green fertilization also requires fertilization. Requirements: Increase the application of phosphate fertilizer, make-up nitrogen fertilizer, use small fertilizer for big fertilizer. The dedicated green fertilizer field should be dominated by phosphate fertilizers, generally 15 kg/mu for calcium, magnesium, and phosphate fertilizers, which can be used as a base fertilizer; if, after the spring of the coming year, the weather becomes warmer, 2.5 kg of urea will be added per acre to achieve The effect of increasing nitrogen by phosphorus and promoting seedling by nitrogen significantly increased the output of fresh manure. 3. Coverage management is also one of the main technologies for the production of winter green manure. The most common practice is: farmers will rice straw left after the harvest, evenly covered in green fertilizer; straw returned to land, not only to maintain the sustainability of soil fertility, but also moisturizing insulation of green manure, drought protection, for the coming spring Green manure production base. Note: If the rice straw is cooked and then covered, the effect is better; if it is covered with fresh straw, it should be uniform and not too thick so as not to affect the emergence of green manure. 4. Check leaks and make up for shortages, replant in a timely manner, do not leave space left. Some winter seed green fertilization fields, such as due to drought, a seed sowing seedlings are not good, should be in the irrigation "race horse water", keep the field under the moist conditions of timely reseeding; if the field due to the impact of water, it should be in the open drainage ditch, After it has dried, replant it in due course. Such as reseeding seeds: fresh, drying, waxing, and then soaking, can increase the rate of emergence. 5. Weeding and pest control. Green fertile fields, such as weeds, are very unfavorable to the growth of green manure, especially the replanting of green manure fields, the most likely to breed weeds. The green manure such as Ziyunying is generally a dicotyledon. Farmers can choose to use herbicides such as glycyrrhizin, glyphosate and other chemical herbicides to spray herbicides; pests and diseases have sclerotia, powdery mildew, aphids, etc., and comprehensive care should be taken.

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