Conservation cactus technical points

Temperature Cactus Like hi-temperature, dry environment, winter temperature should be kept above 20°C at room temperature and no lower than 10°C at night. Low temperatures can easily cause root rot, but temperatures are too high and scale insects are susceptible to damage.

The light cactus requires plenty of sunshine, but it cannot be exposed to light during the summer and needs proper shelter. Indoor cultivation, can use light to make it grow robustly.

The soil cactus is suitable for the growth of well-drained sandy loam soil. The indoor cultivation uses artificial culture soil, which is usually prepared by mixing the peat soil and fine sand in half; the crushing pine needles can also be added into the fine sand and the prepared culture soil can be planted.

Watering the cactus requires a dry environment. For fear of potting water, it is usually necessary to keep the potted soil “see dry see wet”. It is best to use dry water.

When fertilizing the cactus for potting, a small amount of basal fertilizer should be applied to the pelvic floor, such as horseshoe, bean cake or sesame sauce. During the growing season, the fermented organic fertilizer liquid fertilizer (concentration of 20% is appropriate) is poured once every half month, and the concentration of fertilizer should not be too large.

Cactus can be grafted and propagated. Generally, the flat connection method is used. The rootstock can use triangular arrows or robust palms. The specific method is to cut off the top of the rootstock first, cut the base of the scion crosswise, dock the two together, and then bind the two together. . After two weeks, remove the string.

The ageing of the cactus begins at the bottom. When there is yellowing, etc., it is my experience to use paint pens to paint the ball 120 times and not fade into the water to make the cactus come back to life. Yunda 120 is a plant growth regulator containing hormones and is harmless to the ball at high concentrations. It has less reaction than other plant growth regulators.


The cactus likes sunshine and is not afraid of dryness. So in spring and summer, it should be watered once a month. In winter, it should be watered 2-3 months. Note that when watering, it must be drenched; the change basin should be done in spring. Change the pot of cactus can not be watered immediately, it should be poured after 1 week. Cultivation cactus application of flat tile pots, the soil is best to use 1 part of the sand 1 part of the soil 1 part of the proportion of bone meal mixed, 1 year application of 2 thin fertilizer.

Pest Control

In high-temperature, poorly ventilated environments, pests and diseases are prone to occur. Diseases can be sprayed with carbendazim or thiophanate; insect pests can be sprayed with Lego fruit. No matter what kind of liquid spray, it should be outdoors.

Classification of testing reagents on the market:

1. Nucleic acid detection reagents((2019-nCoV) Nucleic Acid Diagnostic Kit) are medical reagents, with high accuracy and high price. The throat takes liquid samples for testing. It takes 2 hours to produce the results. It requires professional equipment. The professionalism is high. The compliance rate is 97%. Degrees of preservation, dry ice transportation! Suitable for hospitals, government agencies!

2. Antibody Detection Reagents(COVID-19 IgM/IgGAntibody Detection Kit) are civilian detection reagents that need instrumental assistance. The accuracy is average. The blood test can produce results in 15-30 minutes. It is fast and simple, and the price is low (about 8.5 US dollars). It is shipped at room temperature! Suitable for civilian use

3. Colloidal gold,test kits(Colloidal Gold COVID-19 IgM/IgG Detection Kit), civil reagents, blood tests, pregnancy test papers, no instruments required, fast results in 5 minutes, a few minutes, 8 US dollars each! Normal temperature transportation.

Nucleic Acid Diagnostic Kit

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