Spray granulation dryer maintenance and maintenance

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Spray granulation dryer maintenance and maintenance:
     If the spray granulation dryer runs for a long time or is improperly operated, aggregates will appear in some equipments and affect normal operation. At this time, it is necessary to stop working for cleaning. For the cleaning of the aggregate in the drying tower, open the cleaning door, sweep the funnel-shaped bottom aggregate with a long broom, open the discharge valve, and rinse the tower with tap water. To remove the dust in the cyclone, it is also necessary to open the cyclone, sweep the aggregate with a broom, and rinse with water if necessary. For the cleaning of the bag filter, open the control switch, tap continuously, then open the cleaning door, hit the bag filter, and replace the filter bag after the Zui. For the cleaning of the slurry pipeline system, the sewage valve of the two-way filter should be opened, the filter screen and the pipeline should be cleaned, and then the material pump should be opened to replace the pump tube, the pressure regulation package and the pipeline with water.

After a period of operation (generally about 600h), the spray granulation dryer needs to be inspected and cured as necessary. For the feeding system, check the filter, pipe, valve, nozzle, etc. to see if there is any blockage, regular cleaning, check the nozzle wear condition for timely replacement. The material pump should be checked for oil leakage, whether the pressure is normal, and whether the oil level is normal. For the fan, check whether the shaft and the bearing are short of oil and heat, whether there is vibration, noise, etc. If necessary, clean the blades and balance the blades. For the heater, check whether the heat pipe is normal, and if necessary, clean the filter of the oil pipe, oil pump and grease nipple. In addition, you should also pay attention to whether the motor has heat, vibration, abnormal sound, etc., whether the instrument and electrical appliances of the control cabinet work normally.

In addition, the equipment needs to be partially disassembled and repaired by the maintenance personnel when the equipment is running for about 2400 hours (generally during the shutdown).

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