Common name: Big raccoon, red shell, blood shell.
Origin and production period:
The coastal areas of Dalian and Dandong in the northern part of the Yellow Sea are China's major producing areas, and there are also certain yields in Shandong Wendeng, Weihai, Shidao, and Hebei Tanggu.
Large scales, shells up to 8 cm, 9 cm long and 8 cm wide. The shell is solid and thick, slanted oval, extremely dilated. The two shells are nearly equal. The back margin is straight, with obtuse angles on both sides. The front and ventral edges are rounded and the rear end extends. There are 42 to 48 radiating ribs on the shell surface, and 43 are mostly. The radiating ribs are flat and have no obvious nodules or protrusions. The concentric growth venation is slightly scaly at the ventral edge. Shell surface is white, brown velvet shell, some ribs are dark brown. The inner surface of the shell is gray-white, its shell edges are hairy and the edges are toothed. The hinge is straight and about 70 hinged teeth.

Fresh Chestnut another name is Sweet Chestnut , because it`s with sweet taste. size 30-40, 40-50, 40-60, 70-90, 80-100pcs/kg, Brown color in shell, grade A, expiration date12monthsPacking:  5 kg,  10kg in loose gunny bag or inner package : 1kg/mesh bag , 5 small mesh bags packed into a big mesh bags or 5kg / loose mesh bag or 10kg / plastic boxes. Available periodfrom September to December every year. we can loading 28tons/40rh container,  Shipment degree:-2℃,ventilate:close,humidity:don`t set.We can supply 200tons/week,Fresh chestnut storage method:it`s must be put into cold storage,otherwise sprout will be come out.chestnut quality will from Grade A change to a inferior products.Anything to adapt to the environment preservation,Yes i agree.We also supplied Fresh Ginger ,Air Dried Ginger , Fresh Garlic , White Garlic ,red garlic. Sweet Corn , Fresh Taro , Fresh Potato , Holland Potato . Fresh Baby Mandarin, Fresh Red Grape, Fresh Pomelo , Fresh Ya Pear Chaotian Chili , Paprika Powder , Fresh Apple and so on.

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Fresh Chestnut 80-100pcs

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