Types of civil valves and precautions when purchasing

1. Types of Civil Valves Civilian valves are widely used in civil construction, public decoration and home decoration as an accessory product for pipelines. They are used to control the flow of pipeline media (cold, hot water, heating). Civil valves are classified according to structure, and can be generally classified into gate valves, globe valves, ball valves, and right angle valves (triangular valves). The gate valve is usually used for the connection between pipeline and water meter. The ball valve is used for the connection between pipelines. Since the opening and closing of the ball valve is more convenient than the gate valve, most of the connection between the pipeline and the water meter is also a ball valve, and the right angle valve is generally used for sanitary ware and heating pipes. Connection of hoses and pipes. Civil valves are generally made of iron or copper. Due to the good mechanical properties of copper alloys, they are easy to rust and have good corrosion resistance. Therefore, the production and sales of copper valves have far exceeded iron valves.

2, civilian valve purchase

Consumers can choose from different types of civilian valves as needed. Since the valve is a medium for controlling the pipeline, if a valve of poor quality is selected, it is easy to cause leakage of water and other media, resulting in water in the house, resulting in property loss. Therefore, it is very important to purchase a good quality valve. Pay attention to the following points:

1) When purchasing, the surface of the valve should be visually free of blisters; the surface of the plating should be uniform in gloss, and attention should be paid to defects such as peeling, cracking, charring, exposed bottom, peeling, black spots and obvious pitting; the surface of the sprayed surface should be fine. It is smooth and even, and there must be no defects such as sag and exposed bottom. The above defects will directly affect the service life of the valve.

2) The pipe thread of the valve is connected with the pipe. When purchasing, visually check the thread surface for obvious defects such as dents and broken teeth. It is important to note that the effective length of the pipe thread and the coupling member will affect the reliability of the seal. Sex, pay attention to the effective length of the pipe thread when purchasing. Generally, the effective length of the cylindrical pipe thread of DN15 is about 10mm.

3) Gate valves and ball valves are generally marked with nominal pressure on their valve body or handle. When purchasing, they can be used according to their own needs.

4) If the consumer wants to replace the existing gate valve or ball valve, the structure length should be clarified so as not to be installed after purchase.

5) The pipe thread of the triangle valve has two kinds of internal thread and external thread. Consumers should purchase it according to their needs. It should also be noted that there are some triangular valves made of zinc alloy on the market. The price of the valve is lower than normal. However, it is easy to corrode and cause breakage. After being used for a long time, it will rot in the pipeline, causing maintenance difficulties.

Consumers must choose carefully when purchasing.

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