How to prevent lily lily

Symptoms: The whole plant withered, the stems were enwrapped with white fungus or brownish brown sclerotia, and the affected part turned brown and rotted. A large number of white fungus cords and dark brown sclerotia are visible on the soil surface.

Pathogen: Sclerotium rolfsii Sacc. It is known as Sclerotinia sclerotiorum. The hyphae are white silky, fan-like or radially expanding, and later assembled into bacteriophage or entangled into sclerotia. Sclerotia resembles rapeseed-like, white to yellowish-white, later brown, round, smooth surface.

Route of transmission:

(1) The bacterium nucleus or bacteriophages are overwintering in the soil left over from the residue of the diseased body. When the conditions in the next year are appropriate, sclerotia or mycelium produced by the bacillus line are used for initial infestation.

(2) Scarce filamentous hyphae produced by the diseased plants extend into contact with adjacent plants or sclerotia and then re-infected by the water stream to spread the disease. The year or season of continuous cropping or soil viscous and low-lying or high-temperature and heavy-humidity is heavy.

Control methods: 1, to avoid continuous cropping seriously, it is best to rotate with cereal crops. The flood and drought rotation has obvious effect. 2, timely inspection, found that diseased plants in a timely manner to remove, burned, disease points and its neighboring plants drench 5% Jinggangmycin agent 1000 to 1600 times, or 50% Tianshui agent 500 to 600 times solution, or 20% A Ji Litu B emulsifiable concentrate 1000 times, or 90% Dukesson WP 500 times, each plant (acupuncture) drenching 0.4 ~ 0.5 liters. 15% triadimefon wettable powder or 40% pentachloronitrobenzene sand mixed with 1:200 times the amount of soil mixed into the soil, 100 to 150 grams per hole, every 10 to 15 days 1 time. 3, combined with the ground, per acre dosing with 100 to 150 kg of lime powder, so that the soil alkalinization, can inhibit the breeding of ferret bacteria.

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