Scientific name Lavandula angustifolia

Alias ​​Love Grass


Classification of evergreen shrubs

The plant height is about 60-80 cm

Seed germination 12-21 days

Mature time 150 days

Flowering period from June to September

Color purple

Use part leaves, flowers

Characteristics Evergreen shrubs are native to the Lavender grassland and are the most cultivated varieties in foreign fields. They have the highest essential oil content and are also the best economic value lavender. The leaves are long green, the flowers are spike-like, lavender, and the whole plant is rich. aromatic.

Cultivation of cool and full sunshine environment, avoid high temperature and humidity, planting bed needs to contain calcareous, loose and dry and good drainage.

Uses Mosaic can refine essential oils, flowers can add jam flavor, and also suitable for cakes and vanilla tea to relieve stress, relieve headaches, and make the breath fresh. Can also be used for bath and skin care with a convergence effect.

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