Loquat Leaf (Figure)

Scientific name: Prunus triloba

English name:Flowering Almond

Alias: Small pink

Section name: Rosaceae

Morphological characteristics: deciduous shrubs or small trees. Branches brown, rough. Leaves broadly elliptic to obovate, apex or 3-lobed, base broadly cuneate, margins unequally coarsely serrate. Pink flowers, often 1 or 2 flowers were born in leafhoppers. Flowering April. Drupe red, subglobose, hairy. The fruit period is July.

Main points of propagation: grafting or sowing. Grafting more than 1 to 2 years of the mountain apricots, camellia, the plum seedlings of seedlings as rootstock. The buds were cut before spring sprouting; the buds were picked up in July-August; the joints could be separated after 6 months and healed after 1 to 2 months. After the seeds mature, they will be sowed in autumn, or they will be sowed in spring after sand. It can be planted after the fall of the fallen leaves and before the early spring buds sprout. In the cultivation and management, attention should be paid to pruning and fertilizing after flowering so as to ensure that there are sufficient flowering branches in the coming year.

Application value: The leaves of Prunus mume have dense foliage and colorful flowers. Should be planted in the park grass, roadside, or in the garden corner, poolside and so on. For example, planting eucalyptus leaves in front of evergreen trees, or planting them on rocks, can produce good ornamental effects. Planted with the Alice, blooming red and yellow even more spring. Can also be potted or cut flowers.

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