Mole domestication and management methods

Sheep, also known as Theron, Mole. The sheep's head is large and flat, and its vision is extremely undeveloped. Its back hair is silver-gray and slightly pale in color. They are mainly distributed in the northeastern western part of China, north Hebei, Inner Mongolia, northwestern mountainous regions, Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, and western Sichuan. The use of ground sheep, one is medicinal, the bone can replace tiger bone medicine, but also the entire medicine, especially the liver and gallbladder medicine value is higher; Second, the use of fur, sheepskin is precious animal fur has a strong dehydration characteristics , can be comparable to mink skin; third, meat, local mutton delicious, is one of the best game. Therefore, artificial domesticated sheep have a high economic value.

1, the living habits of sheep

There are five characteristics of native sheep's habits: it is inhabited in a moist, loose hole in the soil. The second is that males and females live alone, but live together during the breeding season. The third is like darkness, fear of the sun, poor eyesight, hearing sensitivity, quietness, and fear of scaring. The fourth is to eat potatoes and grass roots, generally digging holes for food intake. Fifth, the disease resistance is stronger and does not hibernate.

2, capture

Sheep are easy to catch. After the common sheep dig a hole, the earth on the surface is straight, and the top soil that the mother sheep shaves is a curve. When capturing, according to its law of movement, grasping the surface earth pile can catch it. When you capture, you must put "four levels."

(1) Time is off. The activity time of the sheep is from the spring equinox to the small full spring and the fall from the equinox to the cold dew. Generally, the activity is the most frequent from 8 to 12 o'clock in the morning, and sometimes from 3 to 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Activities at other times are less.

(2) Peak off. Sheep activity peak period

For rainy days, windy days, cloudy days, or the eve of bad weather.

(3) discrimination of female and male off. In order to distinguish between female and male, achieve purposeful capture. Where the ground mound forms a straight line is male, the curve is female.

(4) Capture off. There are three main capture methods. 1) The planing method. With a small, lightweight plate, when a new mound is found, according to the digging pattern of the sheep, first determine whether the male and female determine the rat hole on the left or right side of the mound, or count the third or the third from the new mound. On the two mounds, above the mouse hole that was determined in advance, we dug the crow and immediately pulled out the pupa. One hand reached into the hole and grabbed the sheep. 2) foot method. You can step on the foot, and the rat hole will collapse to reveal the hole so that you can put your hand into the hole and catch the mouse. 3) Hand grasping method. If the mole is near terraces, vegetable gardens, orchards and deep trenches, choose a suitable location, use a planer to open the hole, and put his hand into the hole to capture.

3, reproduction

Ground sheep are estrus and breed in the wild from April to June every year. They breed from March to October every year under artificial breeding conditions. They produce 2 to 3 tires per year, 4 to 6 per litter, and up to more than 8 can be found. In general, young rats grow for 2 months, and the maternal estrus shows a mucus in the genitals, and a call of “puppets and quails...” is a good time for breeding. Goat's gestation period is 30 days old, and the farrowing period is mostly at night. The cubs are mainly breastfeeding within 10 days and can be fed potatoes, grass roots, etc. afterwards. After 20 days, the pups can live independently. At this time, they should be kept separately.

4, feeding and management

(1) Feeding method. 1) Closed method. Brick

A pool of 111.2 meters in height, width and height is built. The thickness of the soil in the pool is generally 50 centimeters, so as to prepare the ground for the sheep. Put some straw or wheat straw in the corner of the pool to prepare a nest of sheep grass and place food and water appliances at the other corner. Each pool raises one pair, but do pay attention to sealing the mouth, bricks can not be sewn to prevent sheep to escape. 2) Cage law. One cage, one mouse, 60*40*30 cm wire cage, the cage should be small, not more than 2 centimeters to prevent leakage of suckling rats. Put about 1 kilograms of soft hay into the cage for the rest of the goats, and place the objects and equipment in the cage. Black shading is normally used to keep the pharmacological properties of the sheep unchanged.

(2) Feed. Ground sheep is a typical herbivore animal, and the feed for the ground sheep is mainly grass, which accounts for about 50% of the diet. Ground sheep like to eat dandelion, green onions, bitter leeks, wormwood, madder, rehmannia root and other roots and leaves. In its diet ingredients in the 20% of vegetables, such as cabbage, carrots, etc.; concentrates accounted for 30%, mainly corn, bran, potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc.; add salt 1 to 2 grams.

(3) Scientific feeding. Should be "three fixed." 1) timing. Feed 3 times a day starting from 7:00 in the morning. 2) Quantitative. Starting from different ages, the average adult sheep is fed 200 to 250 grams per day. 3) Set the water. Provide enough water to allow the sheep to drink freely. When feeding, you should treat the disease early to prevent the epidemic from happening. Once you discover that the sheep has colds, pneumonia, gastroenteritis and parasitic diseases, you should promptly treat them.

(4) Timely slaughter. It is advisable to sell the breeding sheep at 30 days old, and the market sheep is market-oriented. When the number of adult goats reaches 400 to 500 grams, it can be sold.

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