The jujube storage method

Dried Jujube (dry or dried) is called Red Dates (or dried dates). The jujube used for storage should be dry and moderate, without damage, no pests, and ruddy in color and neat in size. Jujube has a higher sugar content and has greater hygroscopicity and oxidative properties, so the storage temperature and humidity should be reduced as much as possible during storage. Low temperature is the main method to reduce the loss of vitamin C in jujube fruit. Drying is not conducive to the growth and reproduction of microorganisms.

During jujube storage, in addition to the humidity caused by the general assembly caused by fermentation deterioration and mold decay, rice moth, wheat moth, theft and other pests are also harmful dry dates, but also should pay attention to the prevention of rats. When resurgence, insect infestation or rodent damage is found, prompt drying and pest control and rodent-proof measures shall be taken to prevent further damage.

(1) When the northern storage method is stored in bulk, sacks are used for storage. When palletising, there must be a gap between the bag and the bag, between the cymbal and the cymbal, for ventilation. The walls are somewhat moist and do not get too close to the walls. During the mildew season, one bag of jujube outside each bag was used to check off the moisture, and the second was to close the doors and windows of the warehouse and the ventilation holes. When the outside temperature is low and dry, the air in the storage room is exhausted and the dry air is replaced. Setting lime moisture absorption points in the warehouse can significantly reduce the humidity.

When the storage capacity is low, the cylinder (altar) can be used for storage, and the cylinder (altar) mouth is tightly sealed with a plastic film, placed in a cool place, and can be safely used in summer.

(2) South storage method In the south, high temperatures are mixed and the mildew season should be stored in cold storage. Dates are packed in sacks and stored in warehouses at 5°C. Before going out of the cold storage, it is necessary to move to a slightly higher temperature and gradually move out of the library. For water vapor condensation on the jujube into water droplets, do not immediately re-bagging, but to air dry, and other condensed water beads disappear, and then change bags for shipment.

A small amount of red dates can be stored in rice husk ash. Spread rice husk on the ground about 1 cm thick, spread a layer of red dates, sprinkle the rice husk ash covered with red dates, and then spread a layer of red dates. This layer of rice husk gray layer of red dates, can be stacked 30 to 40 cm high. This storage method can be moisture-proof, bactericidal, dried dates, good results.

When the family stores jujube, the covered altar is larger. Wash the inner wall of the dried altar, put a layer of 4 to 5 cm thick lime, lime on the two thick paper, put red dates on the paper, the altar mouth with a cloth bag made of a bag for the cover, from the sealing effect .

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