Prevention and Control of Spot Blight of Strelitzia reginae

It is caused by Stylospora (a fungus is a fungus). The pathogenic bacteria live on the host with the mycelium and conidia on the host or with the diseased body in the soil. When the spring conditions are appropriate in the second year, the conidia escape from the conidia for initial infection and reinfection. , so that the disease continues to expand, plant growth and weakness and alkaline soil alkaline easy to disease. The disease caused damage to the leaves and began to produce greyish white patches on the leaves. The edges were brownish-violet coils, which were wider than the gray spot disease. Many black spots appeared on them, namely the conidia of pathogenic bacteria.

Control measures: (1) Carefully maintain the plants and make them robust. The flower is warm and humid, not cold-resistant, suitable temperature for growth is 18-24 °C, fear of strong light exposure in the summer, winter needs plenty of sunshine, requiring loose fertile soil. Water should be fully grown during the flowering and flowering period, and the fertilizer should be applied once every 15-20 days. Phosphate fertilizer should be added during the flowering period, and pots should be changed once every two years. (2) After the leaves are cut off, apply 30% basic copper sulfate suspension 300 times to apply the wound or notch. (3) Spray 30% alkaline copper sulfate suspension 400 times or 47% Garnett WP 800 times, 70% Mancozeb WP 500 times, spray once every 10 days, 2 3 times.

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