German experts confirm that acupuncture can lower blood pressure

Release date: 2007-06-05

German experts confirm that acupuncture can lower blood pressure German cardiovascular disease expert Franck Flaxkampf confirmed at the 73rd German Cardiovascular Medicine Annual Meeting that traditional Chinese acupuncture can lower blood pressure "temporarily and obviously". The research team led by the Eve made this conclusion by conducting a 6-week observational study of 150 hypertensive patients. The researchers divided the patients into two groups, one receiving the correct acupuncture treatment and the other with camouflage acupuncture, ie, not acupuncture on the correct acupuncture points. The results showed that the blood pressure of one group receiving correct acupuncture treatment decreased significantly, while the blood pressure of the other group did not decrease. Eve also confirmed that after a period of acupuncture treatment, the patient's blood pressure will return to the previous state. The annual meeting was held in Mannheim, Germany from April 12 to 14, with more than 5,000 medical experts and researchers from 25 countries around the world. — Information from: Meditech Medical Network

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