Pond culture techniques for famous fish sense fish

Fish sense fish is one of the famous wild fishes in rivers and lakes. It belongs to the order Acridoides, Polygonidae, Yalofish, commonly known as Astragalus. It grows fast, has large individuals, and has few diseases and high market prices.
1. The pond condition test pool is an area of ​​3.4 acres, the pool depth is 1.8m, the bottom of the pool is muddy, the sludge thickness is 10cm, the bottom of the pool is flat, the slope ratio is 1:2.5, the water intake and drainage are more convenient, the water quality is not polluted, and no leakage occurs. , equipped with a 2.2KW submersible pump, the inlet filter with a 40-mesh filter, the outlet installed a dense mesh to prevent whales from fleeing.
Before stocking, the fish should be cleaned thoroughly with quick-lime 150kg/mu water. After disinfection for one week, add water to 1.2m. Later, if necessary, gradually raise the water level.
2. The source of the seedlings and the stocked artificial breeding stocks are cultivated until the beginning of July, and the seed size is about 5 cm in size. After the pond is properly stocked oysters, oysters and other species.
3. After feeding the domesticated fishpond lime clear pond, a small holding area is surrounded by a polyethylene net (mesh 0.6cm) at the inlet of the pond to the south of Xiangyang District, about 120 square meters, and the fish sense fish are first raised In the house, domestication is started on the second day and divided into four times a day at 9 am, 11 am, 2 pm, and 4 pm. Each time the breeding time is more than 30 minutes, first splash water every few minutes, then splash water, and then feed it every few minutes. Cycle back and forth, forming a conditional reflex, so that the fish to develop fish habits of timing, fixed point of feeding habits, domestication success after 10 days, the demolition of the seine, the end of domestication.
4. Feeding management
(1) Water quality regulation: Due to the residual baits and excrement of a large amount of feed fish, the water quality is easily deteriorated. During the rearing process, the water quality is constantly adjusted. The water injection is mainly used in the early stage, and new water is added every 7-10 days. 15- 20cm, the fish pond water level with the fish body continues to deepen, in the later 5-10 days in exchange for part of the old water, every half of the lime sprinkled 1 time, the amount of 10-15kg/mu, so that the pool water to keep fresh. The water quality is "fat, live, tender and cool".
(2) Feeding management: After the success of domestication, feed it twice a day, at regular and fixed times, at 10 o'clock in the morning and at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Specific operations should be handled flexibly, appropriately increased or decreased, and fed until no more food is eaten. Keep feed fresh and avoid feeding corrupted or deteriorated feed to avoid getting sick.
(3) Fish Disease Control:
Take the principle of “prevention from being the main”. Fish species should be immersed and sanitized with 3% saline solution before stocking. During the breeding process, oxytetracycline (mixed food) should be taken internally for 3 days for 3 days. Regularly use strong chlorine extract to treat food. Field disinfection.

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