US research found that immediate family members of lung cancer patients are more susceptible to cancer

Release date: 2007-05-24

US studies have found that immediate family members of lung cancer patients are more susceptible to cancer. Recently, researchers in the United States have found that immediate relatives of lung cancer patients are also highly likely to develop cancer.
The researchers divided the subjects into two groups, one consisting of 673 lung cancer patients and a total of more than 3,500 immediate family members, and the other group consisting of more than 700 people without lung cancer and nearly 4,000 relatives. The results showed that the immediate relatives of the first group had twice the prevalence of lung cancer than the second group of relatives; while the first group of female relatives, the incidence of uterine cancer was twice as high as that of the second group of female relatives; The prevalence of other cancers such as head and neck is also significantly higher than that of the second group.
Lung cancer has become the main cause of human death due to cancer. Some experts say that lung cancer and AIDS are the two most serious diseases that are harmful to human health in this century. In 28 developed countries, lung cancer has become the most common cause of death in malignant tumors. According to some data, the incidence of lung cancer in China will show a significant upward trend for a long period of time. Researchers believe that smoking is still the most important factor in lung cancer. People with a family history of lung cancer should stay away from tobacco. ——China Medicine 123 Network

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