Spark plug clearance adjustment

Spark plug gap is generally 0.6 ~ 0.7 mm. If it is too large or too small, the side electrodes should be pressed down or picked up and adjusted within the specified range. In practice, it is often encountered. Sometimes the gap is within the specified range, and the gasoline engine is often unable to start working. The gap exceeds this range, but it can start work. The reason is:
1. The flashover voltage is related to the gas. When the cold car starts in winter, the gas molecules are not easily ionized and require a higher flashover voltage. At this time, it is easy to skip fire when the gap is properly adjusted.
2. Some machines are demagnetized due to magnetism, and the insulation performance of the coil is reduced. The voltage generated by the magneto is relatively low. At this time, the gap of the spark plug can only be adjusted to be smaller in order to break down and generate sparks.
3. Some machines wear pistons, piston rings, cylinder sleeves, etc., and the compression force of the cylinder is reduced. This makes it difficult to start and work, but the performance of magnetic motors is very good. At this point, the gap of the spark plug can be appropriately adjusted to increase the amount of spark generated. The resulting spark will be stronger than the original. Since the gap is increased, the arc is also longer, so it is easier to ignite the mixture in the cylinder to improve the starting performance of the machine and Work performance.

Diabetes is a group of metabolic diseases characterized by high blood sugar. Hyperglycemia is due to insulin secretion defects or their biological effects of damage, or both caused. Hyperglycemia in long-term diabetes, leading to various tissues, especially the eyes, kidneys, heart, blood vessels, nerve chronic damage, dysfunction. The etiology of diabetes is roughly one is Genetic factors. Type 1 or type 2 diabetes had significant genetic heterogeneity. There is a family history of Diabetes Mellitus, 1/4 ~ 1/2 patients with family history of diabetes. Clinically at least 60 kinds of genetic syndromes may be associated with diabetes. Second, Environmental factors, eating too much, reduce physical activity caused by obesity is the most important environmental factors of type 2 diabetes, so that type 2 diabetes genetic susceptibility to individuals prone to disease. There is no cure for diabetes, but through a variety of treatment can control diabetes. Mainly includes five aspects: diabetes education, self-monitoring of blood sugar, diet therapy, exercise therapy and drug treatment. Antidiabetic drugs are needed in the patient after eating and exercise therapy and diabetes health education, blood sugar control can not be achieved when the target treatment. Most antidiabetic drugs have a greater side effect, so the patient must follow the doctor's instructions. With the succession of new antidiabetic drug patents,the patient is not only actually reducing the cost of treatment, but also increased the number of treatment options, Take greater hopes to patients with disease control.


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