US research confirms that drug-coated cardiac stents are safe and effective

Release date: 2007-05-14

US research confirms that drug-coated cardiac stents are safe and effective
A recent clinical survey in the United States has shown that drug-coated cardiac stents are safe and effective, and patients with such stents have a lower probability of developing thrombosis.
Drug-coated cardiac stents have been considered a revolution in cardiac interventional therapy, but in recent years their safety has become a topic of debate in the medical community. In September 2006, the results of a study published by experts from Belgium and other countries at the World Heart Congress in Spain showed that patients with drug-coated cardiac stents had a higher risk of thrombosis than patients with ordinary bare metal stents. The results of one study have not been widely recognized.
Researchers at Columbia University conducted a follow-up survey of two major drug-coated cardiac stent products in the North American market. The two-year study included nearly 1,300 patients with drug-coated cardiac stents. Martin Leon, an expert at Columbia University School of Medicine who was in charge of the study, unveiled the results of a recent study at a meeting of the American College of Cardiology, recently concluded: a major cardiac adverse event caused by a drug-coated cardiac stent called Endeavor The rate was 9.3%, while the rate of major cardiac adverse events caused by another drug-coated cardiac stent called Cypher was 11.6%. Both stent products are considered safe and effective according to medical professional standards. In addition, in clinical trials, none of the patients who received the Endeavor drug-coated cardiac stent developed advanced stent thrombosis. Late stent thrombosis is usually formed by blood clots 30 days after the stent is installed, which may lead to a heart attack.
However, industry insiders pointed out that the controversy over the safety of drug-coated cardiac stents is still not over. One of the world's largest drug-coated cardiac stent comparison surveys is being conducted in Europe, and the products under investigation are still the largest share of Endeavor and the market. Cypher these two products.
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