How to Use Herbicides Correctly in Rice Fields

First, the functional components and herbicides of herbicides commonly used herbicides include Jingkecaoxing (25g/bag), benzalkonium (tossing a field once weeding, 60g/bag), and the main ingredient is acetochlor. Benxistro Huanglong and so on. At present, most manufacturers use a pack as a basic unit to arrange usage.

Causes of drug injury: First, some of the fields are not well-grounded, and the depth and depth of water are not the same; second, some water storage is too deep, and even the heart is inundated; third, some are Shatuo (stripping field); Fourth, the amount of excessive and so on. The phytotoxicity of rice is manifested as dark green leaves, narrow leaves, tightly curled hearts (like rushes), reduced photosynthetic function, no suppression of the whole plant, longer growth period, and lower yield.

Second, the correct use of methods only according to the soil conditions of the field, water conditions, planting fields or throwing fields and other different characteristics, the rational use of herbicides, in order to achieve the best weeding, long-term effects. Specific attention should be paid to the following points.

(1) Cultivate and plant cultivated fields. Strive to prevent formation of weeds in shallow areas. Seedlings in water depth are injured. (2) Grasp the use of herbicides 5-7 days after planting. Do not flood the leaves with water. The depth of field should be 3-4 cm for 4-5 days. (3) In hot weather, medications should be used when the morning and evening temperatures are low, and medication should not be used excessively. (4) Mixing herbicide with fine sand or fine soil is safer. It is recommended not to use chemical fertilizer to stir and spread.

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