The ingenious method of increasing the sweetness of watermelon

Increase boron fertilizer.
According to the test, the application of boron fertilizer in watermelon, melon vine without the application of boron fertilizer 0.24 meters longer, flowering 3 days in advance, the rate increased by 7.4%, 11.7% increase in yield, sweetening 0.7 degrees. Boron fertilizer can be used as a base fertilizer in watermelon, top dressing fertilizer application: 1 base. 0.5kg-1kg of borax per acre, or 3.5kg-7kg of boron-magnesium fertilizer, or 15kg-20kg of boron mud, mixed with appropriate amount of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer, and turned into soil when soil preparation. Generally do not use furrows or acupuncture, so as to avoid local soil boron concentration is too high and have a toxic effect on watermelon. 2 top dressing. Foliar spraying with 0.1%-0.2% borax solution.
Watermelon is applied.
Watermelon is a kind of new kind of watermelon special liquid concentrated compound fertilizer which is based on trace elements such as boron, copper, zinc, manganese and cobalt. It is suitable for the production of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and other nutrients. After the application of watermelon, the seedling period can be advanced by 1 day, the emergence rate is increased by 10%, the fruit setting rate is increased by 7.7%-10.1%, the yield is increased by 6.5%-21%, and the sweetness is increased by 0.69 degrees. Application method: First, soaking seeds with watermelon 300-500 times for 12 hours; Second, using 200-300 times of watermelon seeds to spray at the seedling stage, sitting stage and swollen stage of watermelon, and spraying 40 kg per mu during seedling stage. , Zuogua period and swollen mu spray 50 kg -75 kg.
Spray plant cytokinins.
The use of "5406" antibiotics to extract plant cytokinins by industrial fermentation can promote the formation of chlorophyll and protein synthesis, and increase the photosynthesis and stress resistance of plants. Applying on watermelon, the satiety rate can be increased by 19.5%, the sugar content increased by 0.5 degrees to 2 degrees, and the yield increased by 28.6%. The utility model has the effects of reducing diseases and promoting premature ripening. Application method: The main use of foliar spray, from the melon vines to the beginning of the 7-8 Festival, with 600-800 times the liquid spray every 7 days -12 days, a total of 3 times -4 times.

Date tree are mainly planted in ningxa, shanxi, gansu etc provinces of northwest China. D

ate flower honey is produced in the mountainous region of China from June to July. It has a amber colour depending on the place where the hives are located. It has a very pleasant and strong taste and intense fragrance. This honey is rich in mineral salts. 

Date flower honey is rich in fructose, vitamins C and mieral substance(Iron and copper). 

The date flower blooming time is depend on the various kinds of date trees. Usually the blooming time is during June and July, 25-30 days. 

The Chinese date taste is very good and good for your healthy. Would you like to try? 

Dateflower Honey

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