Xinjiang Horse Embryo Transplantation Technology Leading the Country

In the early summer of the Zhaosu grassland in Xinjiang, two mares, who were conceived by embryo transfer, produced a stable. This not only added new joy to the “hometown of Tianma”, but also indicated that Xinjiang has the most advanced horse embryo transfer technology in the country. The author learned from the Institute of Animal Husbandry of the Xinjiang Academy of Animal Science that horse embryo transfer technology is a new technology for animal embryo engineering in China. Since May of last year, the Xinjiang Academy of Animal Science and the two companies in Xinjiang have used non-surgical methods to successfully obtain the embryos of horses, and conducted experiments such as fresh embryo transplantation, embryo cryopreservation, frozen embryo transplantation and embryo segmentation. Non-operative eggs were collected from 24 high-quality mares to obtain 14 usable embryos, and the egg collection rate was 58.3%; 13 local recipient mares were transplanted, 4 of which were successfully fetuses; fresh embryo transfer, Both frozen embryo transfer and fresh embryo split transplantation were successful in pregnancy. In the experiment, the technique of obtaining the offspring from the semi-embryo transfer of Equine embryos was the first success in the country. With the increasing number of horse racing and equestrian sports enthusiasts in China, the demand for purebred horses has been growing. With the use of horse embryo transfer technology, the number of offspring produced by a purebred mare in a year can be increased from one to a dozen. This provides technical support for the rapid breeding of China's fine horse breeds and the development of the horse breeding industry. Zhaosu County is located in the southwestern part of Xinjiang Ili Kazak Autonomous Prefecture and is famous for producing the “Tenma” of “Teng Kunlun and Lixi Pole”, which has the largest and most complete stud farm in China.

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