Use the correct flow of feed mill

First, install and move. Both the installation and the movement of the crusher need to be operated by skilled professionals. If it is fixed, it should be installed on the cement base; if it is moving, it should be installed on the wooden frame or steel frame. When switching the machine off, the power must be turned off first, and the insulated wire must not be dragged on the ground to prevent the insulating layer from being worn out and causing leakage.
Second, prepare before starting. Carefully check whether the bolts are loose at each location and whether the profile bar is intact. Close the feed gate to the jaw crusher and drag the belt by hand to check whether the spindle and the fan are stuck and whether the rotation is flexible. Check the safety device is complete. If the transmission belt needs to have a protective cover, whether the motor is grounded, and whether the diesel engine has a fireproof cover or the like. Fasten the cover, be sure to be safe, before starting, pay attention to the correct direction of rotation of the machine.
Third, after the boot. After starting the machine, it should be idling for 2 to 3 minutes before feeding. The feeding should be uniform and the overload should be suspended. It is forbidden to extend into the feed inlet with a hand or iron bar, and feed with a wooden stick. If abnormal noise and bearing overheating are found, the machine should be shut down for inspection and found to be blocked and should be eliminated. Stop the machine for 5 to 6 hours. Before stopping the machine, idle the machine for 2 to 3 minutes to completely discharge the material.
Fourth, adjust and maintain. When the feed machine is not in use, the machine shall be fully cleaned, and wind and rain shall not be allowed. After the end of each shift, lubricate the bearing once. After 200 hours of operation, remove the bearing and clean it once. The worn or damaged parts are found to be repaired in time, especially the hammers, flat teeth and sieves. Mechanical installation must be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the manual or technically skilled installation. When the downtime is long, the V-belt should be removed to prevent the belt from stretching.

Bread is the most common and traditional food around the world. It has close links with Baking Enzymes. Enzymes has been used to improve the properties of the dough and of the final baked products. So it is considered that enzymes can be a cost effective solution to many of the problems encountered during production. Nowadays, baking enzymes are playing a vital role in bread-making industry. Sunson is dedicate to researching and developing high quality and new efficiency product unceasingly in the worldwide grain food enzyme domain. We serve for the grain food processing industry, and make great efforts to promote all kinds of flour products quality.

Sunson Bakery Enzymes are xylanase, phospholipase, lipase, Glucose Oxidase, transglutaminase and so on. All products are produced in accordance with FDA, FAO, WHO, UECFA, and they also conform to food chemistry pharmacopoeia(FCC).

The benefits of Sunson baking enzymes are:
Speed up dough fermentation, save time
Improve crumb structure, increase loaf volume and texture
Enhance dough-handling, stability and baking performance
Improve crust color and softness, longer shelf life
Better crumb flavor and taste

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