Chinese Cabbage Storage Method 3

Cabbage likes cool and humid, storage temperature is 11°C, and relative humidity is 85%~90%. There are four simpler methods for storing Chinese cabbage in farms and households, and we hope the farmers' friends will refer to them.
1. School pit storage. First of all, the yellow leaves of the cabbage to help the old, the disease can be broken to help break off the help, with straw tied the cabbage waist. Dig pits in the yard to the sun, the size of the pit depends on the number of cabbage, pit depth to the height of cabbage varieties may be, generally pit deeper than cabbage 15cm. After digging the pits, the bundled cabbage shall be erected with the roots down and the green leaves upright and aligned in the pits. After each row is placed, the roots shall be buried with wet soil and the arrangement shall be completed. The pit shall be covered with a piece of sheet or grass braid. Prevent livestock and poultry from feeding. After the weather gets colder, it is gradually covered with 30cm thick leaves and firewood. Remove snow in time after snowing. When you eat, take it with you and seal it tightly. This method can be stored after the Spring Festival, it can still be fresh, crisp and not off.
Cabbage management in the cellar should be divided into three periods: the early period of entry into the cellar, from November to December, mainly to prevent heat, every 7 to 8 days, 1 dish, the next dish will be poured to the top, will be removed rotten leaves, At the same time, use skylights and eyelets to ventilate as much as possible: During the middle period of storage, from January to February, use freeze-prevention as the main method, empty the vegetables once every 15 to 20 days, and reduce the number of ventilation; after the end of storage, after 3 months, use heat-resistance as The Lord will empty the dish every 8 to 10 days and open the skylight at night to ventilate the air.
2. Ditch storage. Choose a place that is sunny, dry, well-drained, convenient to transport, and north-south. Dig 1.3m wide and 0.8-1m deep. Ditch wall vertical. Place the excavated soil on both sides of the ditch as wind and soil protection. The length of the ditch depends on the amount of food. In order to make the ditch dry, it must be dug in advance to dry.
After the beginning of winter, according to the changes in the weather, the cabbage should be pulled up at an appropriate time and allowed to dry for 3 to 5 days. When the weather turns cold, the dishes are piled up. Do not make too much vegetable heap to prevent hot and rotten vegetables. Cabbage into the ditch, generally before and after the snow, when the temperature dropped to zero. Remove the yellow leaves before entering the ditch. Put the roots down slightly and put some corn stalks and leaves on top. When the weather becomes cold, it can be covered with 3cm thick fine soil, and then gradually add soil to 30cm according to the temperature drop. When you add soil, you should pay attention to breaking the soil and prevent it from being brewed. In the south of the ditch, there is a 1m-long vacancy (with muddy grass and corn stalks plus soil seal), which is convenient for taking vegetables. After harvesting, use soil to seal the groove. When the temperature of the ground rises in early March of the following year, all the dishes are taken out and placed indoors.
3. The building is dry. After the Chinese cabbage is harvested or purchased, choose a sunny day and dry it on the balcony for 3 to 4 days, and constantly change the drying position until the green leaves at the top are wilted. Shake the roots of the earth, remove the old gangs, rotten gangs, and damage sheds, bind the waist with straw ropes, and loosen them to help them to stay in the cold room. When the weather is warm, it should be promptly sun-dried or dumped and removed. As long as the weather turns cold, as long as no rotten help does not have to flip, if there is rotten help should be promptly removed.

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