In April sowing good exposed vegetables

The spring exposed cucumbers selected Jinlu No. 5, Zhongnong No. 118, Zhongnong No. 8, Jinyan No. 4, Jinchun No. 4, Jinchun No. 5, Jinyou No. 4 and other varieties. Choose a well-drained new cropland cultivation, combined with site preparation and basal fertilizer, deep ditch sorghum, sorghum width 1.3-1.7 meters, spacing 65 cm, spacing 20 cm, along the sowing line to open a hole, sowing seeds per hole 3 to 4 tablets, The seeds are laid flat and not inserted in line so that seedlings can be shelled. Seed soaking 3 to 4 hours before sowing, wet soil sowing. In the spring of April in Daejeon, spring water in open field was selected. They were selected from new Hongbao, Xincheng generation, Admiralty Guanlong and Jubao No.1. Guadi is good for sheltering from the wind, easy irrigation and drainage of sand, sandy loam or new land. The north and the south are longitudinally made of stilts, strips, on-demand or guaran burrowing sowing. Each hole is fed with 100 grams of decomposed poultry manure, 50 g of superphosphate, 25 g of ammonium sulfate, and then mixed with grass ash and fine soil to make a melon pier. Shallow open sowing, sowing buds sowing 5 days or so can be Qimiao, dry seed sowing about 10 days emergence. The melons open deep trenches around and between them. Melon choose Pear, melon, small seed, Octopus and other varieties. Use 150 to 200 grams per 667 square meters. Land selection and site preparation requirements are the same as for watermelon. Sprouting after germination, 5 to 7 grains per hole, timely soiling after sowing. Dry seeds can also be sown. In the late summer, the melons of Xiaoganzi, Dizizi and Deyi No.1 were selected. 250-300 grams per 667 square meters. Fine sorghum for fine soil preparation. At the center of the raft, the depth of the trench is 26cm in width and 52cm in width. The base fertilizer is applied. The early maturing varieties are arranged at a spacing of 70cm and the plant spacing is 40cm to open the hole. Each hole is sown with 2 grains (a Dingmiao) and the cover soil is about 2cm thick. The late-maturing varieties use digging large holes to apply the base fertilizer, pouring enough water, laying a layer of fine soil and mixing the fertilizer and then sowing the cover soil. About 10 days after sowing, seedlings emerge. Kidney beans can be broadcast directly from the middle of April to the end of July. The amount of seeds used per 667 square meters is 3 to 4 kg. The selected varieties include 28-28, Xiangxi 4, All-round Canopy, White Sand 7, No. 70, Early Jade, and Ningjing III. Fertilize the base fertilizer with a width of 1.2 meters (baggage ditch), 2 lines per plant, spacing of 20-25 cm, open acupuncture on demand, sowing 4-5 pieces per hole, cover about 3 cm thick. It's best to cover the plant with ash and fine soil. When it is dry, it must be poured into the ground and sowed. In the middle and late April of April, we chose to shelter from the sun, drain well, and fertile soil plots. After ploughing, we used 2,500 kilograms of manure and urine per 667 square meters as base fertilizer. Leveling. Put enough water before sowing, and then sow seeds evenly. Use 0.4-0.5 kg per 667 square meters. After sowing, thin cover fertilizer is applied and the film is tightly sealed. The film is removed immediately after 3 to 5 days. The exposed seedlings of late-maturing pepper, summer lettuce, and summer cabbage were treated according to the conventional techniques for seedling cultivation in the open field.

Catalysts can induce chemical reactions to change and make chemical reactions faster or slower. Catalysts are also called catalysts in industry. The composition, chemical properties and quality of the catalyst did not change before and after the reaction. It mainly includes solid acid-base catalyst, molecular sieve catalyst, metal catalyst, metal oxide and metal sulfide catalyst, and complex catalyst.

1. Acid-base catalysts: Petroleum refining and petrochemical industry are the largest application fields of catalysts, occupying an important position in the national economy. Acid catalysis plays an important role in petroleum refining and petrochemical industry. Solid acids are further divided into Blans Te Um (B acid) and Lewis acid (L acid). Typical solid base catalysts: MgO, CaO, SrO2, etc; typical solid L acid catalysts: AlCl3, FeCl3, etc.

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