The use of biotechnology to control sugarcane aphids is effective

It kills insects without pesticides, and it works better. It is reported that a new type of biological insect control technology called the "attractive" prevention and control method for sexual attractants has recently been used in Guitang City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. It can reduce the average insect pest infestation by 12.22%, control effect is over 90%, and reduce pesticides. The amount of more than 80%, the cost of pest control to reduce the cost of 70% per mu. Aphids, also known as borers, use larvae to drill young shoots of sugar cane. The damaged sugar cane begins to show dry shoots, and later it develops into pruning. In the severely damaged sugarcane plantation, sugar cane production can be reduced by up to 22%. In the past, sugarcane farmers used the pesticides such as dimethoate or trichlorfon to spray locusts, which not only increased the production cost of sugar cane, but also destroyed the ecological environment. The natural enemies of insect pests were also inevitably killed. In May of this year, Guigang Guiye Sugar Co., Ltd. and the Guangzhou Gansu Sugar Industry Research Institute cooperated with the introduction of a new technology for the control of aphids, which is based on obsessive attractants, namely the use of sexual pheromones to interfere with mating between male and female locusts. Communication links to reduce aphid mating, reduce its mating rate, reduce the number of offspring reproduction, play a role in the control of aphids. At the same time, it has also effectively reduced the use of pesticides, reduced the production costs of sugar cane, but also protected the ecological environment and natural enemies of pests, can be described as multiple purposes.

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