The role of fruit bagging

China's fruit bagging technology was introduced from Japan and other countries in the early 1990s and has entered a large-scale promotion stage. The variety of bagging products has been extended to apples, pears, peaches, grapes, starfruits, mangoes, etc. A variety of fruits. The biggest benefit of fruit bagging is to improve the appearance quality and reduce pesticide residues, and to improve the appearance quality is highlighted in the smooth surface and coloring of the entire surface, such as apples, the highest degree of not bagging is also 2/3, after the bagging color area can be More than 99%. The improvement of appearance quality and reduction of pesticide residues are important conditions for China's fruit to enter the international market. In particular, China will soon join the WTO, domestic relative surplus of fruits, and foreign high-quality fruits are gradually entering China. Fruit bagging is my fruit industry development. A necessary supporting measure.

The role of fruit bagging in the late growth period is that almost all fruits are subject to bird infestation, pest damage, and wind and rain damage as they approach maturity, resulting in reduced harvest or quality differences. In this case, the traditional way of spraying pesticides was not only poor results, but also caused pollution to the natural environment and endangered human health. Even so, about 30% of the fruits were still lost before harvest. The fruit bagging solves these problems because the fruit in the bagging will not be attacked by birds and will not be infected by Drosophila bacteria. It will not be scratched by the branches during the growth process and avoid direct sunlight. Moreover, due to the air permeability of the bagging itself, individual greenhouse effects can be produced, so that the fruit can maintain proper humidity, temperature, increase the sweetness of the fruit, improve the luster of the fruit, increase the yield of the fruit, and shorten its growth period. At the same time, no pesticides are needed in the process of growth, so that the fruits have high quality and no pollution, reaching international standards.

The promotion of fruit bagging has brought great economic benefits to fruit farmers. According to comprehensive statistics, each apple can sell 5 cents more. One apple can get a net profit of 3 to 4 cents, and an acre of land can count on 10,000 apples, which can increase the income of the farmers by 3000 to 4,000 yuan. Therefore, the fruit bagging has also been expanded from the initial Shandong Province to Shaanxi, Shanxi, Hebei and many other provinces in the south. However, there is still a big gap compared to advanced countries. Similarly, in the case of Apple, at present, only 3 billion bags are bagged in China, which is a weight of 900,000 tons. The total annual output of apple in China is 21 million tons, and the ratio of bagging is only 4.3%. Therefore, the Ministry of Agriculture has used fruit bagging as an important technical measure to promote it with a view to further expanding the bagging area. In addition, the promotion of fruit bagging technology has some related issues to be solved. First, the promotion of thinning and fruit thinning techniques. The second is the further development of the sacking paper industry. At present, the performance of bagging paper in Japan, South Korea, and China Taiwan is better than that of domestic products. Apple bagging is basically an overseas bag, pears are mainly homemade bags, and grapes, mangoes, etc. are also mainly imported bags. Therefore, it is necessary to actively introduce foreign products. The advanced technicians, who produce qualified, high-grade bagging, cultivate domestic bagging paper production enterprises, and at the same time, also properly reduce the import tariffs of some sacking papers, so as to facilitate the popularization of bagging and currying, so as to benefit the fruit of our country. More to enter the international market, for the fruit growers also to earn more economic benefits for our country.

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