Garlic planting technology

First, choose the best varieties, and do a good job Garlic processing. Planting autumn seedlings and garlic seedlings strive to use good early-maturity multi-valve garlic seeds. Before the planting, the garlic sprouts are separated and divided into three levels according to the large, medium and small flaps. The separate garlic seeds are soaked in the well water (low water temperature of the well water) for 12 hours to break the dormancy of the garlic seeds and promote budding. Second, apply base fertilizer, appropriate sowing. After cultivating the land and opening up the “three ditch” in separate compartments, base fertilizer must be applied at one time. The base fertilizer is generally Mushi's cooked soil slag manure 80-100 dan, urea 20 kilograms, phosphate fertilizer 50 kilograms, potash 15 kilograms or high-quality three-element compound fertilizer 50 kilograms. In the case of applying base fertilizer, sowing from early August to early September can also be planted from late September to late October. Third, rational close planting, strengthen field management. The implementation of trench ditch planting, the general spacing of 10-15 cm, spacing 3-5 cm, 150 acres with 150 acres of garlic. When planting garlic cloves can be sprinkled into the trenches, according to the spacing, hands and use, side broadcast hand-covered soil to prevent cloves tripping. Water immediately after sowing, once covered with water after watering. After 3-4 days, pour secondary water and add up to 20 kg of ammonium sulfate with water. Pour water once every two days after fertilization and pour it three times. When the seedlings are 20 cm high, the second time the soil is covered. At the same time, pay attention to pesticide spraying after the emergence of pest control. Fourth, seedlings exposure, timely harvest. Fuqiu garlic seedlings are in high temperature during the early stage of growth, and they can take a 1-meter-high flat shed. The awning is covered with a shade net or straw to prevent sun exposure. Cover before 8am every day and remove it after 5pm. When the garlic grows to more than 20 centimeters high, it begins to harvest and it can either shoot or cut. Harvested once every 10-15 days, once every time to topdressing a fertilizer, 20 kg of fertilizer urea pouring water pouring. This can continue to cut to the Spring Festival.

Fuji apple is mainly produced in shandong province. Fuji apple has smooth skin and good color, full fruit juice, sweet and refreshing taste.New harvest season for Fuji apples from September to October.The cold storage season is from October to June next year.Fuji apple mainly exports to southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Russia and North America.Apple packaging includes both inside and outside packaging.Inside packing: paper tray, apple net, plastic bag or sleeve.The outer packing is 3kg CTN, 4kg CTN, 9kg ct, 10kg CTN, 16kg CTN, 18kg CTN or 20kg CTN or as required by the customer.All sizes are graded according to your requirements.When packaged in all sizes in natural proportions, all sizes come in full blush and striped red, and Fuji apples are the best and most competitive in the entire market at fresh prices.Our Fuji apple prices will be to your satisfaction.

Fresh Red Fuji

Fresh Red Fuji Apple

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