Native chicken brood six attention

First, pay attention to the selection of varieties to be selected by the local chicken species. In this way, the chicks have uniform growth, relatively fast growth, and uniform hair color.
Second, pay attention to the indoor temperature
It ranges from 35°C to 32°C from 0 to 1 week of age, from 31°C to 24°C from 2 to 3 weeks of age, from 23°C to 20°C from 4 weeks of age, and may drop by 0.5°C per day after 1 week of age.
Third, pay attention to the relative humidity indoor relative humidity to maintain 55% to 65%, that is 10 days before 60% to 65%, 10 days after 55% to 60%; indoor air fresh, no pungent, smoked eye feeling .
Fourth, pay attention to supplement the first five days of light to maintain the light for 23 hours a day, followed by 17 hours of light (including natural light).
Fifth, pay attention to timely drinking and eating chickens should eat and drink as soon as possible, and do material, water constantly, free to eat. Add 5% dextrose in the initial drinking water for two days; add 0.02% to 0.03% potassium permanganate in drinking water on the third day.
Sixth, pay attention to high-density brooding before 15 days for the 60 ~ 70 / square meters, generally more than 5,000 per batch of brooding (depending on the needs of farmers to determine the size of brooding chicks). With the combination of “net, bed, and bulk”, farmers will properly modify the chicken house according to the number of their own breeding. The indoor floor is required to be cement floor, with windows and windows, so that the air circulation will be sufficient for daylight, and net beds and chicken cages will be made. Three-dimensional three-dimensional appropriate. The number of net beds is determined by the number of chickens, which is generally calculated as 45 to 20/m2 (the density is larger in the earlier period). The first layer of the net bed is 40 centimeters above the ground, the height of the net bed is 30 centimeters, and the distance between the upper and lower layers is 20 centimeters. The top of the first and second layers of the net bed should be placed on the top of the dung sheet (a three-layer board is available), and the skeleton part of the net bed is used. The wood or white bamboo is clamped around the bottom and bottom of the net bed with a plastic net of 1 cm 1 cm mesh, and the bucket and the water fountain are placed in the net bed. The garden woodland is surrounded by nylon nets. A pile is hit every 2 to 3 meters. The nylon net is tied to the pile and the ground of the net is compacted by soil. The area of ​​the surrounding area is generally calculated at not less than 1.5 square meters per bird, and the wider the better. The back-fed chicks (having brooded chicks) are brought to bed in a net bed at a weight of 1 kg, and stocked in the surrounding forest lands from 1 kg to slaughter (rainy days and frosty days) Into), feeding, water, feed, feeding freely. Feeding in a net bed, the range of chickens is small, the energy consumption of the chicken body is small, and the weight gain is accelerated; the chickens are scattered in the woodland surrounding the forest, can catch wild weeds and biological insects, change the food structure, and the meat taste is good to keep the chicken Meaty taste.

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