Is the oil thicker?

Many customers think that the thicker the oil, the better. This is a wrong view. Because the viscosity of the oil we see at room temperature does not represent its viscosity at high temperatures, nor does it represent its viscosity at low temperatures. The viscosity of the oil changes with temperature. High-quality oil viscosity should still be able to lubricate all parts at high temperatures, and still have good fluidity at low temperatures. Not only that, we also need the smaller the viscosity of the oil as the temperature changes, the better, which requires the viscosity index improver to control. Our product, the MV 1047 engine oil, shows this very well. Although it seems to be very dilute at room temperature, it has the fastest flowability at low temperatures and maintains good thickness at high temperatures. Therefore, we can not judge the quality of the oil according to the thick or thin engine oil at room temperature, oil thin can also save fuel.

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