New Pig Breeding Method - "Back Feeding"

At present, most of the pigs adopt two methods: one is the “hanging shelf” rearing method. In the early stage, a large amount of green and roughage feeds are used, and the amount of fine material is small. When the pig grows to 50-60 kg, the high-energy concentrate is raided. fatten. Although this method of feeding utilizes a large amount of green and roughage, due to the lack of protein and mineral elements required for the pig's early growth period, the feeding period is more than one year. The increase in feed is wasted. The other is "one-stop" feeding. This method has been fed with concentrate from piglet to slaughter, which greatly shortens the feeding period. Although consumption was reduced, a large amount of green and roughage in rural areas could not be fully utilized, so the benefits were not high.
"Pour-feeding" pig raising is a new type of pig raising method that aims at the aforementioned drawbacks and incorporates the fertility law and characteristics of pigs. The method is in the pig-to-middle pig stage. That is, 50-60 kilograms of previously used high-energy, high-protein concentrates, with the necessary feed additives and a small amount of green and green feed. From the middle of the pig to the slaughter period, the amount of concentrate input should be properly reduced, and green and rough feeds should be added. The ratio is: 60% concentrate feed, 25% green feed, and 15% roughage feed. This method not only shortens the feeding cycle of pigs, but also makes full use of a large amount of green and rough feed resources, thereby saving the amount of concentrate feed and greatly increasing the economic benefits.

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